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Tiny wip dump

I really don't like the start of the year. The first few months are usually a dismal come down from the festive season, where you return to work and normality a little broker than you were last year, and a little more disappointed. By March, you've probably broken any resolutions you made, and certainly realised that this year is just the same as any other year, and it's already a quarter over.

For me, momentum never really starts until about April, but when it starts, it really gets going. I've a trip to Croydon to hang out with some Ponycon girls, DC's annual birthday BBQ, a week in Brighton, a week on a canal boat, Ayacon in August and a TMBG concert in July, not to mention London Expo where I'll again have a table whoring my artistic wares. If they ever send out our order forms, that is. Hm.

Speaking of art, I really should use this place as more of a sketch/wip blog than showing primarily finished pieces. I post finished art everywhere, but I never show work in progress anymore (usually because it's all pretty pants, but hey.)

So. That.

Was commissioned by a girl at work to draw her dog for her dad's birthday. It's due in April so I figured I'd better stop putting it off. I keep warning her I don't do realism, so I hope she's happy with my attempts.

Pixelsmoosh header for my new website layout, not really how I originally saw it, but hey.

Part of a series of prints I want to make for LondonExpo of the six Friendship is Magic characters in art nouveau style. I've used a free base for the border but I've been editing it to suit. It's going to be impossible making Rainbow Dash look anything suited to this style. :P

Also haha, Gaming Heads reblogged my video praising their Havy statue. I'm like famous now.
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