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B(log) E(very) D(ay) in A(pril). BEDA.

Livejournal might be dying a death, but instead of perpetuating it by posting so rarely, I thought BEDA would be a fantastic opportunity to try and bring some life back. I use this place as an art dump, which is a shame because it means I'm missing great big chunks of my life by not posting about them. So. Here goes. It's just a shame nothing much happens in April, so this also doubles as a 'getting to know me' project for anyone I've added lately (or for anyone who simply hasn't been paying attention.)

The unUsual Suspects
in which Selena talks about friendships
So, for those joining late. This is me. I'm Selena. I'm English, residing in the South West and calling Bath my home despite actually living 40 minutes from it. I went to university in Bath (Bath Spa - Creative Studies in English) and made the Friends That Matter there. The photo, in fact, was taken by one of them (before being dragged through Poladroid, a fantastic little program for making photos a bit different.)

We all live away from Bath now, but the place remains our home somehow, and we regularly meet up there and mooch around haunts I daren't called 'old'. They aren't our 'old' haunts, because we've never managed to leave. One of them, a dingy hole of a pub called The Hobgoblin, encourages writing on its toilet walls, and a while ago I wrote how I'd been visiting that place since 2004, and how I hope to still call the Hob 'my' pub in years to come. Somebody wrote next to my scribble with a smiley face. "And still writing on the walls, eh?" God, I hope so.

We called ourselves The Guild, a now-obnoxious sounding term coined from our failed attempts at creating a writing society at uni. We weren't really anything of a society and the idea didn't so much as fade but bellyflop into the distance. What grew from it, however, was pretty special, and the core Guild remains as solid as it ever was. We've lost a few who moved on and, if not grew up, certainly grew apart, but those of us who stuck it out stuck it out good and proper. I'll probably talk more about these people during BEDA, because they've had a tremendous impact on my life. Before uni, I really never took much stock in the notion that some friends were as important as family. Since these guys slam dunked their way into my life, I couldn't believe anything but.

My old school friends have largely faded into obscurity, save a few who keep in touch occasionally, usually to tell me I'm wasting my life for not having moved away from home yet. I pay them no mind. I've a few friends I met online, a couple of which who I know will read (or at the very least skim) this entry. I see them once a year or even less frequently - one of them I've still not even met. Hell, since my migration from AIM to Steam, I don't even chat to them much anymore, and yet they continue to mean so much to me that when we do meet up face to face, the chasm of time and distance is fast forgotten. I met most of these people through either a love of Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman's music, Sonic the Comic nerding, or through My Little Pony collecting. From good places come good people. Which segues nicely onto the final part of my first BEDA entry:

Cauldron Moose, or Moose for short, is someone I just can't imagine life without. He's my boyfriend, and no, that's not his real name, in case you hadn't already guessed. His real name is Jack, but for the life of me I'll never call him that. I met him on a Viking ship, fell in love with him in Teamspeak, and I continue to pinch myself almost every morning when I realise that somehow I snagged him. We met, to explain things, on Team Fortress 2, both regulars on the novelty map ctf_vikings. In the course of that year we simply grew closer, to the point that we were chatting on Teamspeak well into the not-so-early hours (we often commented on hearing birds chirping while we'd been nattering away about this or that.) I adored him. I crushed on him like a school girl, and was heart broken with the knowledge he'd never like me in that way. I don't know what I thought our marathon all nighters on Teamspeak were about, but it didn't once occur to me that maybe he liked me back.

He did. January 2010 he came to visit me, our first meet up that didn't involve a convention or a big group of gamer friends. I said it back then and a year later I'll state it still; I feel like the cat that got the cream. Or, I suppose, the fox that got the moose. I suppose a year and a bit is still early days, but every relationship starts somewhere, and we're stronger than a lot of couples I know, despite the London-to-Dorset commute. Plus, y'know, he's absolutely gorgeous, so I'm not letting him go anywhere anytime soon.

Tomorrow I'll probably talk about conventions or video games or art or family or whatever else comes to mind. Keeping BEDA up for an entire month is daunting, but writing this entry was cathartic, though there's a chance that that's the Sambuca talking.

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