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I so, so, so can’t wait for Summer! :(

I'm about to head to work, so I thought I'd do a quick entry before I leave. As much as I love BEDA, I don't want to spam the place with nothing but novel-length rambles, especially since I've re-branded my LiveJournal lately to be more an 'art' blog than daily diary. So, here's some sketches for a couple of commissions I've taken. Both have been 'okay'ed, so I'll get on with colouring them asap. I've had a steady stream of commissions lately, which is absolutely fantastic. I really hope I can keep it up, because having a little bit of money coming in is really, really handy. My part time job at the cafe offers very few hours in the winter months, so I've been struggling a lot lately.

http://www.astoundance.com/livejournal/genichitn.png http://www.astoundance.com/livejournal/melissatn.png