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Antisocial networking.

I finally, kinda-sorta, finished my website, today. It's been a long time since I had one, so I basically stole a design I've seen around a lot lately and went with it. It's lazy and simple, but it works, and it's mainly a hub to which I can point people if they ask. There's nothing there you haven't seen before, but it's nice to have it all together in one piece.


Considering I've not much else to blog about today (which was spent largely at work, working on web/art stuff or playing League of Legends), I figured I'd do a sort of 'where to find me' post here to tie everything together. Like everyone else these days, I'm pretty spread out online in different, largely uninteresting, forms. Feel free to add me to any of these. It's always fun meeting people in new ways.

DeviantART - where you'll find all my finished pieces. Anything half decent goes here, so it's pretty much my most complete gallery online.

Tumblr - all the cool kids are doing it. Initially started my Tumbr as another art blog, but now far prefer reblogging photos of cats falling over.

Twitter - I don't tweet all that much, but I read regularly and occasionally post little words of wisdom (read; inane banter).

YouTube - Random videos from conventions or the like. I really want to get into vlogging, but I haven't yet found my groove.

Facebook - I used to hate this place, and then I removed all my ex school'mates' and only added interesting people, like you guys. Feel free to say hello. I don't post anything there I wouldn't share anywhere else online, but it's probably my most regularly updated social platform now (pre-BEDA, at any rate.)

Flickr - isn't updated anymore, because I can't afford a pro account (I'm so poor ;_;) which is a shame, really, because there's some nice galleries there, if you're into conventions and nerdish debauchery. I upload most my pictures to Facebook now, since it's free.

For a year, lazenich and I ran a dumb Doctor Who webcomic that you might have heard of. You can find that here: Worst of the Time Lords.

My email is laughingfox @ gmail.com. My phone number is [redacted]. I don't use any chat programs anymore apart from Steam, and you can find me there under the name aceaniki, because some ratbastard already took "reaperfox".

I regularly hang out on the Something Awful, Your Pants, MLPTP and MLP Arena forums, and I apologise for this monumentally lame BEDA entry. I'll try and make tomorrow's a little more interesting.