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MLP Collectors in and around London!

Apologies for the crossposted spam here, but I've a few UK Ponypeeps on my flist that might appreciate this. If you can, please DO pop by!

PonyCon LIVE treasure hunt! WIN THE FIRST WEEKEND TICKET OF 2011!


You heard me right! PonyCon is going LIVE IN LONDON this Monday – Wednesday!

PonyCon Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ponycon
PonyCon Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/#!/UKPonyCon

As I have a couple of friends staying over who are curious as to see London, I am taking them on an amazing, pony themed tour of my home city of London! You may know them ... they’re only Reaperfox, Babycottoncandy and Archer. Ya know. Not very interesting people at all. *cough*

Now, they don’t just want a boring “This is Hamleys” , “This is a very big bridge that opens up”, “heres a big column with a man at the top” rubbish, NO! They are coming over for a Laura tour (that’s a registered trademark by the way) which basically takes you, well, anywhere you want to go and in the most fun and hilarious way possible! It costs a lot for a Laura tour, but they’re willing to sell their kidneys for one so that’s fine by me.


Well basically because we’re having such a fun time in the capital of England we would HATE for everyone at the convention to miss out so we are doing live feeds throughout the day to our Twitter and Facebook pages, updating them with photos and descriptions of the places we go and the awesome things that we do and see. It’s going to be hilarious, I promise.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The LIVE TREASURE hunt will be going on! What is going to happen is as we go around London we will be updating where we are and also giving clues on the FaceBook and Twitter accounts (Links to these are found at the top of the thread) as to where we will be going next. If you follow these updates throughout the day you will be able to see where we go ... and you can meet us! The first person to meet us IN PERSON will win the FIRST weekend PonyCon ticket of 2011! You will also have your moment of fame in our video vlog and also your picture on the forums and the Facebook and Twitter accounts... if you want it there of course! :P

If you think this challenge is only for you, the pony collector... WRONG! If you can’t make it down to London for Monday, do you have a friend, family member, butler, cat sitter who is in the South East and would like a fun day out in London? Why not get them to do your dirty work for you?! All they would need to do is to subscribe to the Facebook and Twitter account to follow where were going to be and then they can get hunting too! We promise it will be such a laugh, we’re not very serious people and can’t stand boring competitions :P CAN YOU TELL?

Also, we will be in the capital flitting about between about 10am and 11pm, so that is a good 13 hoursto find us! Plenty of time! Monday lunch breaks and commutes back home would be so much better with a live action treasure hunt and a weekend ticket to PonyCon, right? So come find us on Monday 11th April in a London near you!

Ask the Committee!


This is the part of the show where YOU get to ask US any questions and we WILL answer them in one of our awesome vlogs that shall be going up on YouTube very very soon (I.E once they are made :P ). You can either PM them to me (mlplaura) Selena (Reaperfox) Jess (BabyCottonCandy) or Archer (urrr, Archer) or even post them on our Facebook page , Twitter or this thread between now and Wednesday the 13th of April and we will answer them ... no matter what the question! There is just 1 rule for this:

* The questions have to be broadcastable to a wide audience of ALL ages. Please do keep them appropriate!

Other than that ... there are no rules! It doesn’t have to be about just about ponies (although we do love answering pony questions of course! ) they can be about any subject that takes your fancy, the funnier the better ... although, please do stick to the guideline. Our favourite one shall win a wee prize from the epic PonyCon trip to London/Brighton.

Again, this isn’t just restricted to collectors, does your other half have a random question to ask? Your pet turtle wants to know what colour socks Reaperfox is wearing (and who WOULDN’T want to know? I don’t. I know what they smell like) or how Babycottoncandy would catch a runaway goldfish then please do post! They can always join our Facebook and Twitter, they are always welcome in the world of PonyCon :D

SO GO ON! Have fun this Easter and meet 4 fantastically mental people. I promise we don’t bite ... On Mondays at least :P