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beda 09: and nothing much happened.

BEDA couldn't have hit at a worse month for those of us attempting to keep up with it on LiveJournal, huh?

Today was a bit of a low one for me. I wanted to spend most of it outside working on art, but a breeze picked up that just tipped it over the edge of 'not really enjoyable', so I came inside, doodled a bit and played some of the games I got in Steam's latest indie game pack promotion. The Wonderful End of the World is probably my favourite so far, but it's short and easy - I got As or B+s first play of most levels. It's basically Katamari, which I've never played, and now really want to.

Today I found out that you can't get a student loan for MA funding, which I'd foolishly always assumed you could, so that puts an end to that dream for a while. I really, desperately want to go back to university, to try harder, embrace the life a little better and actually do a degree that might help me get somewhere in life (as opposed to one that, well,  hasn't really.) Oh, well. I suppose life is what you make it, and if I can't focus (for the time being) on getting a Masters, I might as well put that effort into other things.

So, tomorrow after work I'm off to spend the night with Moose, and then spend two much needed days with some new friends of mine who I've sort of known for years but only got to know well last year. We're on PonyCon business, which is what my previous entry was about. I'm not sure how I'll update the blog while I'm away, since I'm loathe to drag the laptop around London. I do have an HTC now, but a combination of fast typing and fat fingers means any entry I made on that would be utterly illegible. Touch screens. The future. Grumble.