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I'm typing this entry from the train on my way up to London, on a laptop connected to the internet via my HTC hotspot. It's pretty amazing, really. In the space of a week I've become a bit of a hipster.

I love travelling by train. There's a lot of car hate these days - it's easy to jump on the bandwagon and point fingers at those terrible drivers who are so harmful to the environment, so lazy and insociable. I've seen Twitters devoted to driver hate, and I've seen people get lambasted when they even hint at annoyance of petrol prices (indeed, I've seen people rejoice when the petrol prices go up, too dumb to realise the knock on effects affect even the most resolute anti-drivers.)

How easy it would be if we could all choose public transport. I would love to be in the situation where I could take a bus or cycle to work. You've no idea how much I wish my friends were close enough that I could walk to their houses. I've never been granted that luxury, because I live in the countryside, and owning a car is a necessity. My closest bus stop is an easy hour and a half away, to walk to, and there are only about four buses a day to our nearest 'big' town. I'm on this train to London now, but only because my dad is here to offer me a lift by car. If he wasn't here, I'd have to get a taxi. There is simply no other way to get around here, and it really annoys me when people act high and mighty against those of us who just have no other choice.

That said, I absolutely love traveling by train. It gives me a chance to catch up on things, to read or play my DS, to drink alcohol if desired. The fact that I'm able to sit back and blog while travelling hundreds of miles is so much more exciting to me than driving the journey alone. We had to take a coach a little part of this journey due to work on the line between Tisbury and Salisbury, and I got chatting to a complete stranger (a girl who turned out to be really quite interesting) for the duration of it. It's those little moments that make public transport so much fun. I'm fortunate that I don't have to take the bus or train (or indeed any transport) in rush hour, because maybe then I'd form a whole other, quite miserable, attitude towards it. Instead, my train journeys are limited to Fun Times, like going across country for conventions or concerts, or to visit friends, as I'm doing now. For now, the journey is just another awesome part of the adventure, and one I quite look forward to.



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