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Epic London Trip, Day 2

Well, I am absolutely exhausted! Just got home from my amazing little adventure in London, now settling in with a glass of red and a chicken wrap. I've put on two lbs since I went away, haha. Wee dined well this week.

Tuesday we were up early to take a trip down to Brighton, since we're holding PonyCon there this year and Archer hadn't yet seen the venue (|Brighton Racecourse). The first thing we did was mosey on up there to take some photos and generally get a feel for the place. It's beautiful up there, you can see the sea from the convention venue! That doesn't happen often.


I hadn't actually been to Brighton myself, but the more I heard about it's cute independent shops, pier and quirky atmosphere, the more excited I got, and it was awesome! I'd heard the weather was going to be overcast and a bit rainy, but we actually had a really nice (if a little chilly) day for it. Moose joined us for the day and he got on with the girls so well, they all exclaimed how much they loved him after he left, which was just lovely. It's so nice how he fits in with just about every facet of my world... as much as he doesn't really listen when I talk about ponies, he certainly makes up for it.

It's funny, on a bit of a tangent. It occurred to me when we were in Brighton that here I was, walking around this new (to me) town, with four people I met through the internet. Had I not found the pony collecting community online, I'd never have met Laura, Jess or Archer, and of course without the internet and Team Fortress 2, I wouldn't have Moose in my life. It's so strange how these social circles happen and come about, really. There I was, having a whale of a time with people who I happened upon only by chance, and who only met me through a series of random events. During our day, we got to discussing the internet and how we're now (with smart phones) connected 24/7. Jess was saying she didn't much like it, that she liked to turn off and be away from the constant noise of the internet. But me? I love it. The thought of turning off the internet appeals to me as much as locking myself in a cupboard. I was walking around a funfair with people I met on the internet, cuddling and kissing a guy I met in TF2, and between us we blogged about it and uploaded photos to facebook and tumblr, and brought our "RL" day back into the net. The more the internet invades our 'real' life, the more we can break down the barriers that divide it from our real life. I like that thought a lot.

...Anyway. We headed down to the seafront to find an American diner Laura and Jess had eaten at before, and it was great. I resisted the temptation to have my usual chili-cheese dog (I used to live on these in America) and opted for a giant pineapple burger with all the trimmings, with a Dr. Pepper float. I have no idea why cola floats are not more popular in this country - they are universally awesome, after all.

We headed onto Brighton Pier. I didn't realise it had a roller coaster and a funfair on it! It was seriously so much fun just to look around and soak up the cheesy English Seaside atmosphere. We went straight on the carousel again, this time dragging Moose along for the ride.

I look terrible, but I have so few photos of us two together that I just have to embrace that one of us. Anyway, after that we headed to the ghost train, which was terrible, and then to another derby game (this time Dolphin Derby), but none of us won, boo.

At about four o-clock we realised we hadn't even hit the town yet, so we headed to The Lanes, a famous series of small streets that house some of the stranger, quirkier, independently run stores. From a shop selling genuine war weaponry (and uniforms, mmm) to ones dedicated to cupcakes and sweets, they had so much random stuff I wanted so badly, it's pretty good I was already broke, because I sure would be now had I taken any money along with me. I did splash out on some snacks in Cyber Candy, but they didn't have any Vanilla Coke so I felt very unamused by the whole affair. I DID randomly bump into sunlightdances though, which was a moment of "...huh... huh!?" and was pretty great.  

After that we braved the beach (pebbles, sadly, but still rather nice) and seagulls for a quick drink, before deciding that it was just a little too nippy out now, so we took shelter from the cold in an arcade and wasted all our 2ps on silly games. (Well, it started off as getting rid of loose change,  but by the end of it we were changing 10s and 20s into 2p coins, derp.) I won myself a pack of cards (after a lot of deliberation) and a single tiny Pixy Stix.

Broke and dejected, we wondered up the hill back to the station to see Jess off, who was heading back home due to work commitments (boo) the next day. While up there we found the perfect hotel for PonyCon, so we decided to head in and make some inquiries. Seriously, it ticks all our PonyCon boxes, so I'll be devastated if we can't get a group booking there for the convention.

Then we headed back down to Wetherspoons, grabbed food and plotted things before finally calling it a night. We played games on the train home and pretty much dropped the moment we got back to Laura's, though we did find time to read a fair bit of My Immortal as our bedtime story. Sadly (luckily?) I fell asleep pretty early on, but I did end up dreaming pretty strange things. Go figure.

I've probably forgotten a ton of cool things we got up to, so I'll leave you guys with a link to the gallery of photos from our adventures in Brighton. I'm heading back there in June for a week with the family, and I can't wait to spend more time there! It was seriously awesome.

Tomorrow, Camden!


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Apr. 15th, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
It kinda looks like some seaside resort town in Maryland or Delaware.

And now I want a root beer float, but I have neither root beer or ice cream. I do however, have 2 bottles of Dr. pepper.

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