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Epic London Trip, day 3, and thinking with portals

After our escapades in Brighton, Jess sadly had to leave us, so Wednesday left just Archer and I a golden opportunity to check out Camden Market, where Archer wanted to look for lolita dresses. Sadly the store she loved had closed down some time ago, but we still had an awesome time looking around. I'd been to Camden once or twice before, but I don't remember anything compared to what I saw this week. The actual 'market' part is huge, with a whole retro basement area full of second hand clothes and knick-knacks. It was fantastic just rummaging around, and we could have easily spent all day there had Archer not had to catch train at 3pm. So, we had a quick run around, found a book stall where I finally picked up a copy of 'Animal Farm', and grabbed Japanese food to eat by the canal. I've had worse days.

After seeing Archer off, Laura and I grabbed a coffee at St. Pancras and she called the hotel we're looking at for PonyCon. Seriously, it ticks all our boxes, and it looks lovely. More information on that coming soon!

There's a huge ARG thing going on at the moment with the release of Portal 2 which has pretty much dominated my online gaming lately. After Laura and I went our separate ways on Wednesday, I headed straight back to Sutton and spent the night and next day with Moose. We've been playing the games in the Potato Pack a lot lately, particularly The Wonderful End of the World. Portal 2 itself is slated for release on the 19th, but that date could come sooner the more we play games from that Potato Pack.

(The theory is that GlaDOS is rebooting (from her destruction in at the end of the original Portal) by using potato power. As we've played the games, she's slowly invaded them through small updates, or the games' patch notes, etc. Here's a hugely extended and complicated list of ARG-Y type stuff going on about it.)

The amount of work that has gone into this is incredible, and the funny thing is that it's all aimed at people who pretty much were going to buy the game anyway. Average plebs who don't really know Portal wouldn't care about any of this, so all it's done is hype up the release bigtime to people who're already hyped. Well, I'm pretty hyped, anyway. This is pretty exciting stuff if you're a Valve dork like me.

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