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To celebrate the release of Portal 2, I finally pimped out my ride. I'm always so wary of putting hard to find or purchase stickers on my cars, because if anything goes wrong I lose them, and it's not like I can walk to the nearest store and buy an Aperature Science bumper sticker.

So I got home today to find I'm somehow £12 overdrawn through a series of weird Paypal "direct debit" charges. Since I don't have any direct debits set up, I called Nationwide and whined. He canceled and promised I'd get the money back. I then called Paypal and asked what the heck, to be told that they were Steam transactions that hadn't gone from my Paypal balance (as I'd intended) but from my bank account, which had, as you might have guessed, no money in it. So I called Nationwide again and explained that I was a complete idiot and the charges were legit, who told me they can't do anything now the charge has been disputed, and to get back in touch with Paypal, who told me they won't really do much about it if the claim's already been made. I got in touch with Steam just incase, but I don't even know what's happening or where that mystical £12 will end up. Hm.

And that was my tale for today. Tune in tomorrow for something just as exciting, like a detailed account of how I stubbed my toe.



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Apr. 21st, 2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
OMG, sweet! I had no idea those even existed! WANT!! <3
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