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Did you know? Stetsons are cool now.

Doctor Who started again today! It was a great episode, and I thought it was pretty brave of them to start on a two parter. River Song really doesn't annoy me even half as much as she did in the old Tennant episodes, I think because her dynamic with Matt Smith's Doctor is far more interesting. I still adore the 'Time Traveler's Wife' aspect of their relationship, and it's easy to be less hateful of her, as a filthy Doctor/Rose shipper, the more I witness her with Smith and not Tennant. I'm fickle. I'm sorry.

Oh! Oh ALSO ! sparklyglampire! Do you even READ LJ anymore? Because

<--- Haha, the diner he meets them in? It's in Cardiff, right overlooking the bay, and we all had a meal there years ago when we did a bit of a Whovian tour, haha. We sat right in that booth to the left (his right) of the door he comes out of. Amazing!

We went for a drive today around the Dorset coast, avoiding actually stopping at any touristy spots given the holiday weekend. We grabbed lunch at an American diner in Axminster, drove a bit around Sidmouth and then got home in time for Who, because my family knows where our priorities lie, haha. It was a gorgeous day, but I didn't take any photos until I was in the car, because I'm amazing like that. On the way home there was a sudden thunderstorm. It was pretty great.



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Apr. 24th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Wasn't the whole River "foreshadowing" thing just amazingly clever? With the reference to the Library episodes, I mean. I totally loved that.
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