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Oldskool hoarding

I've been sorting through my room today to try and thin some stuff out a bit. We've got a guy coming next week to value the house and I've been given orders to make my room look more sellable, which means ditching most of the random stuff littering the shelves. The funny thing is, I've removed four boxes of books and things and my shelves still look like this:

Its books, mainly, and magazines that clutter up my room. I have hundreds of them and most of them, in the case of the books at least, are unread. I just hoard them. I rarely buy them new, but I can spend hours in Waterstones. I've spent so much money in second hand stores and markets on countless books I'll never actually read. Young adult stuff, fantasy animal stories, horror, science fiction. I went on a dystopia binge lately and I think I now own every book published in the genre. I never read Sweet Valley High when I was a kid, so I now own hundreds of the books and I've read, and loved, almost guiltlessly, all of them. In fact, I have a Sweet Valley University book and Animal Farm at by my bedside right now for light reading (which is silly, since I can't read at bedtime. I usually go to bed when I'm absolutely ready to drop, so they're mainly there for display, haha.)

I also have bag loads of magazines. I've collected video game magazines since I got a NES for Christmas and dad brought me home issue one of Total! I pretty much still have every copy, though most are in very questionable condition. I remember mum reading to me their review of Super Mario Brothers 3, where they'd said something about hearing the kettle drums in the music. Funny how I just remembered that. I just googled it to see what the heck, and it turns out that yeah, they used a special chip to make realistic drum sounds. The more you know.

My first 'real' career choice was to be a games journalist. I devoured game magazines, Mean Machines, Mean Machines Sega, Sega Power, Sega Pro, GamesMaster Magazine... I wrote my own zines about games that I handed around school (called JoyPad! I was cool.), I wrote articles and sent them in to the magazines and even received words of encouragement, which was nice considering how god awful my writing would have been back then.

I never pursued it because I never considered my opinion or ability all that great, and by the time I got online, the internet was so completely oversaturated in video game journalism, but I suppose that goes to show that my dream was shared by pretty much everyone who loved video games and had vague ability to string words together.

Still, it's really nice looking back at them, particularly their praise-laden articles on the future of gaming detailing how the 32X would be the absolute bomb, as opposed to just absolutely bombing. I remember loving the console wars, because I had both Sega and Nintendo and could fight both corners, though haha, I remember writing a letter to some unfortunate Nintendo magazine editor clarifying their common boast that Super Mario World had 96 levels whereas Sonic games generally only had about ten. I think you'll find, I said, with all the pomp my twelve year old self could muster, that Mario World has 96 exits. It in fact only has 72, which admittedly is still more than the average Sonic the Hedgehog game...

Heh. Once a nerd... (she says, currently listening to a fan created song about a League of Legends character. On repeat.)



Apr. 27th, 2011 10:08 pm (UTC)
Just don't pack away Paper Towns.

I do tend to hoard things, though not to the same degree as you do. I have boxes of all sorts of crap and they're all crammed in my cupboard (which I should sort out again)

Book wise, I don't have as many as I'd like, though I have read the majority of the ones I have. (I'm going to see if I can convince mum to turn the new spare room into a crafting room/library.)

LOL please ignore the original typo!

Edited at 2011-04-27 10:09 pm (UTC)