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a wonderful day for a wedding

I watched the Royal Wedding today. I wasn't going to, and can't say I particularly planned to, but it was on, and it was a bit different to the norm. I'll be honest, I like the pomp and ceremony. I can think of better things our taxes should go towards, but we certainly do the pomp well.

I kept looking for little touches of their humanness, and thankfully found some. He smiled a lot, she whispered 'I'm so happy' at one point, and the balcony scene was disgustingly sweet. I'm not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination, and would sooner become a republic than be anybody's 'subject', but I truly do wish the best for them, as human beings on their wedding day, and hope that, unlike Charles and Diana, they actually love each other. It certainly seemed that way, but the Windsor divorce rate isn't exactly the most impressive.

I came home and spent pretty much the entire evening reading about the Cold War. So, y'know, the normal then.