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Bye Bye BEDA

Well, today's the last day of BEDA. It's been really fun revisiting Livejournal and treating it like I used to, which is to say, posting all the damned time. These days Facebook and Twitter make it so easy to just quickly update the world with my latest snippet of news, it's hard sometimes to find the motivation to post an actual entry here on LJ. A lot of times during BEDA I fell back into those boring 'today I did this, and then this happened' but I'm proud of those entries where I did actually have a point to make.

Anyway, here's two more finished pieces.

Commission for Stinkyspots:


And a commission for Orion the Lion. I only just got that his name rhymes, haha.


It's funny, I spent so long trying to move away from drawing furry art and now it seems to be all I'm drawing. I opened up commissions for everything, but the only business I've had has come from the furry community. I don't mind, really. I enjoy the subject matter and they're friendly enough, I'm not drawing anything adult or questionable (and thus harmful to future business) and I get paid for doing something I love. It's not a bad job, as jobs go.

I think the thing is to find a good balance between furry art and other subjects. Anyone who only draws furry (or indeed any single subject) is only going to hurt themselves, which is why I'm glad I moved away when I did and learned how to draw, gasp, humans. Now the majority of my art is Doctor Who or TF2 fanart and, while fanart isn't exactly much higher in the artist's pecking order than furry, it was a step I had to make, and one I'm glad I did.

However, I do need to calm it down a little bit. I'm stupidly happy I've got a steady client base at the moment and I'm not going to turn anyone away, but I've got London Expo later in May and I've done absolutely nothing for it. Thankfully, the money I've made from my latest commissions will now help pay for supplies for Expo, but if I don't get off my butt and actually draw something for my table, I'll consider the whole thing a completely wasted endeavour.

Well, now BEDA's over I won't be posting every day, because some days are as exciting as watching paint dry, only minus the thrill of fumes. However, I will use this as a chance to springboard back into using LJ far more often, because this place has been my home online for so very long, and sometimes it's nice to write for longer than a hundred or so characters.