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Oh hai el jay

Had a really nice weekend - DC, Luke and I went to Longleat with Sarah to celebrate her birthday. I hadn't been since I was a kid, so it was actually a day out I was really looking forward to. The safari was fantastic, though it was a good job Sarah drove through as the main source of amusement came from the monkeys, who famously destroy your car and, as such, I refused to go anywhere near them in mine, haha.

They had a few new features there that weren't around when I visited last time; Jungle Kingdom which was basically a small zoo for smaller animals, but allowed you to get really up close (there was nothing between you and the meerkats, which was a neat touch) and I saw two gorgeous big anteaters, which I don't think I'd ever seen before in real life.

^ this guy nearly rammed into us because he was having an argument with another rhino near the road. A tractor had to come and shoo them away and this fella was not amused.

I also absolutely adored the bat enclosure they have there, which houses loads of Egyptian fruitbats and allows you the chance to get up close to them - again, literally nothing between you and the bats, so you can feel them flying past and watch them fall ungracefully at your feet.

After that we explored the maze, which was fantastic. I would love to own tons of land so I could craft my own labyrinth and put various sculptures and grottoes inside it. Hell, I just need to go to more mazes. It started to pour with rain when we reached the middle, fantastic timing, haha, so we half cheated to get back out because we were soaking.

Oh and also I got to hold a snake, yay.

Haha, derp eyes.

On Sunday after work it was my other friend's birthday so we went out to the local Indian restaurant and wine bar and downed a few. It was a really quiet night (which personally I prefer), being Sunday and all. Went back to hers and watched Sex & The City DVDS and stuffed on chocolate, hell yeah.

Anyway here's a wip nobody cares about.

Explanation: Pyro got a dumb hat. Instantly reminded me of Cubone's card. Art. It freaking makes sense even though nobody I know has the brains to see it. :|


Oh plr_pipeline, why are you so pretty but so crappy? :(



May. 11th, 2011 07:53 am (UTC)
Angry Rhino is Angry :P There is a drive thru safari in Quebec, that I went to when I was in High school since I lived so close to the NY/Quebec border. I don't recall it being that exciting though. http://www.parcsafari.com/en/
It was over 15 yrs ago, and all I really don't remember much, other then my mom couldn't figure out how to get to our hotel. We could see it but with all the one way roads in Montreal, she couldn't figure it out.

The maze looks cool too. The university here has a botanical gardens but no funky mazes :(