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London MCM Expo!

Well, that went by fast! I can't believe it's over already, I'm having major post-convention-blues (which is a song I'm surprised no nerd band has created yet).

Artist's Alley wise, my table did really well! I was worried being opposite the stage would be a problem, but I think the positioning really worked out for the best, because people had room to look without being shoved along by the crowds. I sold out of my Space and Wheatley Personality Core bookmarks within an hour of opening, and the badges went much the same. By the end of Sunday I had pretty much sold out of everything, literally only had a few prints left on the table and a couple in my folders, it was amazing! The coolest part was that I had people coming up to me asking if I was Reaperfox from DeviantART - it's like oh god, people are starting to know me! I've never felt like I've had a name for myself online, so that's pretty awesome if entirely intimidating.

I've put in another order of ink and badges, hopefully they'll sell online as well as they did at the convention. I was really upset I didn't plan properly, I had so many people asking for things I'd sold out of hours ago, blahh. I'll set up a Storenvy account and get that going, anyways.

After the show on Saturday we headed back to the hotel to catch Doctor Who, which answered a bunch of questions and then bitch slapped us with some more, and then spent the rest of the evening in the pub. There were far fewer of us around this year than normal - we usually end up with a huge group of us but so many people had exams or just couldn't afford to attend. It made the con feel more business and less social to me, which is a shame because Expo is my favourite convention for just mooching about and watching the cosplay. I didn't take many photos, but you can catch the few I did snap here. I really hope October feels more like Expo, because as much as I loved this one, it felt like something was missing (and it seemed to go by really quickly. :( )

Thinking about having two tables in October, not sure if it's financially viable but my art was crammed as it is, and I hate the idea of putting things in folders.

Anyway, yeah. I cosplayed as TF2's Announcer on Sunday for the TF2 photoshoot, but my suit is like three sizes too big and it looked terrible, haha. I'm considering going as Scoot Mom next year, if I can convince Moose to dress up as the Spy :P It'll be nice to dress up a bit nicely, since I've only been men and old hags before now.

On Sunday my parents came up to help with my stuff, and offered Moose a lift home. His folks came out and finally met mine, which was entirely less stressful than I imagined it being, haha. They all got on pretty well, so that's that one out the way. I didn't get home till like 11 Sunday night, and then pretty much slept all of Monday. I have no idea why this weekend killed me so much, I think it's because I was working flat out before the show, but seriously, how is sitting down all weekend so so so exhausting? Haha.

Haha I like this photo. My booth babes. My boyfriend has no arms :O
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