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Which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony are you?

Rainbow Dash
Bold and brave, you take on anything life throws at you head-on! Everyone knows you're a wild mare; always on the edge and living for adventure. You're also a bit of a show-off- but there's no harm in being confident with yourself! In fact, some people admire your assertiveness: you can stand up for yourself, and if anyone dares challenge you, you'll reply with a big "bring it on!" Your friends can always count on you to swoop in and save them when someone's giving them a hard time, and that makes you one awesome bud indeed.

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I really have no idea who my favourite Friendship is Magic character is, but Dash is certainly up there. I initially loved Fluttershy, but she fast became annoying and two-dimensional with a single comedy crux trigger. Twilight, as the central character, is entirely bland to me, which leaves me with Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack, who all tally as a favourite depending on whichever episode they're in.

I have just as hard a time trying to work out which character I'm the most similar to. I'm far too obnoxious and confident to be Fluttershy, despite my love of animals and nature. I'm not very similar to Twilight and Apple Jack loves farming and the countryside, which are two things I can't wait to get away from (her experience in Manehattan was my idea of heaven, while it was her idea of hell.)

Which leaves me really with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity, and I'd like to think I was a mashup of the three of them.

I'm utterly tomboyish in a lot of ways. I play FPS video games, love cheesy action movies, read dystopian science fiction. I'm a complete tech loving nerd. Like Dash, I like to think I'm confident and am able to stand up for myself - I can hold my own and defend an argument pretty solidly. I'd also like to think I'd defend a friend with the same confidence as Rainbow Dash displays, though to be honest, given her 'Loyalty' card in the show, I've seen her be a dick more often than I've seen her be a friend. But hey.

But, I love being a girl. I love being a girl. I love styling my hair, pampering myself, makeup, fashion, clothes shopping and chick flicks. I love being in love, feeling feminine and generally making an effort. I'm also hyper emotional (usually at the worst times) about relationships and boys, and have my own high set standards on all things related. That'd be Rarity.

But combining the two of them is this innate fuck what they think attitude, because it's perfectly fine to be a girlie girl who paints her nails and styles her hair while blowing away the enemy on the battlefield. Frankly, there's nothing you should be more in life than yourself. You don't have to answer to anyone, screw what the world thinks - just be yourself and the people and opportunities that matter will find their ways to you. It's important to enjoy life and to find the good and humour in everything, but it's more important to just plain be honest with yourself and those around you. I get really angry with guys I've met online who think they somehow have to hide who they are to attract the girl, that girls wouldn't be interested in gaming, nerdy guys. How does that one work? You hide everything you are to get the girl, and then what? Moose was telling me the other day about some guy who sold his 40K army for peanuts because he didn't want his girlfriend to find out about it or something utterly ridiculous. Equally, I've found myself livid on MLP forums where girls have posted asking for advice on their boyfriends or even husbands who refuse to let them - let them- collect ponies. What is wrong with these people? Nah, sod that. Be yourself, screw the haters. The world should be taken on headfirst with the most positive attitude you can, because you get one shot at it and you should do your absolute best to make the most of that.

So in short


Pinkie Rari-Dash it is, then.


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Jul. 20th, 2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think you're bang on with that one. I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who ONLY identified with one of the ponies, because they each bring an inspiring and vital facet to, as you say, a 'strong female character'.

The fact that I write this pseudo-inspiring stuff about a pony show basically demonstrates that I'm Twilight, but I also see Fluttershy, Rarity, and all of the others in myself, because I'm a real girl and the real girl in FiM is all of them.

Absolutely beautifully, perfectly said. I love that a silly cartoon about ponies has brought so much to the table in terms of identities and aspirations. Kids, and especially girls, shouldn't be spoken down to all the danged time, and FiM is one of the few shows at the moment that combats it.
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