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I'm not doing BEDA (Blog Every Day of August) again, which is a shame because had I realised it was on before now, I would be. I guess I'll BEDAOS, (Or So) instead.

On Monday I joined our local gym! They're doing a deal at the moment where you get two months for £50, including the induction fee (normally £20), and the fee also includes all classes and unlimited use of the pool, so it was too good to pass up. A girl I work with, Steph, joined up too, so we've been going together and edging each other on. Because the offer expires in two months, I'm trying to make the most of it. I was there half an hour Monday, and just over an hour yesterday. I doubt I'll get there today, but I'm going to hit the pool tomorrow.

I've been trying to take care of myself a lot more, lately. People tell me I don't look my age, and that's a lie I'd love to maintain as long as possible. Since May I stopped biting my nails, and while I'm keeping them really short (they're just too weak and bend too easily otherwise), it's so nice to have them there to paint and do silly things with, like this.


I've cut right back on 'fatty alcohols', my beloved beer and cider. I'll have them occasionally, when I'm out, but at home I'm on red wine and spirits (with diet mixers, go me.) I'm being more sensible with what I eat, but I refuse to get neurotic about my intake because I enjoy fine dining and eating out. I've never been much of a sweet person, and I'm not one to go through a packet of biscuits in one sitting. I came to the conclusion a while ago that it's not exactly what I eat that's made me overweight, but my general lack of movement. I spend most my time at the PC doing work (art, websites, whatever) or playing video games, which is where these two months at the gym come in. If I can spend half an hour, an hour a day actually moving a bit, it can only do good, right?

Ideally I want to lose about a stone (14 lbs) or so, so we'll see how that goes. I don't really want to drop more than one dress size, because I like all my new clothes too much and I've always aimed to be around a UK size 12. We'll see how it goes, anyway.

Today I'm off to Bath, I think, with the family. I need to find some more items for Ayacon cosplay, and hopefully get a spark of inspiration regarding a last minute birthday gift for Moose. I'm really, really annoyed at him; it's his birthday on Friday and he's extremely hard to buy for. His main passion and hobby is video gaming and whenever a new game comes out he's interested in, he's usually the first to pre-order or buy it. I get so stressed out every occasion regarding him, because I try very hard to think of unique gifts he'll love or really use. In the past I've got him a Nintendo DS when his broke, and a Something Awful account that he's taken great advantage off. This time all he's interested in lately is Warhammer 40K stuff. He's gotten back into it in a big way, and has spent so much time telling me about these books he wants and new figures he wants and whatever. Nothing's been released yet, apart from this one book that he just kept on and on about. Foolishly I assumed he was hinting at me, and even if not, I knew he'd love it, so I picked it up right away, happy that at least one of my gifts was something I knew he was really interested in.

He went and bought it himself yesterday. Three days before his birthday. Who even does that? Honestly writing about it has just annoyed me all over again. I was so upset last Christmas when gifts I ended up getting him didn't work right or his parents got him the same thing (I literally spent half the morning crying when I heard). This birthday I was so happy because as well as some generic stuff I know he'll like, I guess, I had this one dumb thing I knew he wanted, that he'd enjoy, because he's into nothing but it at the moment, and the idiot goes out and buys it for himself three damned days before his birthday. This is a guy who doesn't often buy himself stuff - I can't think of the last time he bought himself a thing that wasn't a necessity like shoes or jeans. I was absolutely gutted when he told me he'd picked it up. I wish he wouldn't be so damned unthinking, sometimes.

So, the guy gets two not-particularly-good presents for his birthday now, and I have to find a Games Workshop to take this book back to, while feeling like an idiot girl walking in and asking for a return. Fantastic.

Anyway, whatever. He sucks. Here's my plans for Ayacon costumes, if I get my rear into gear.


(Red Summer Scoot)

(Grand Galloping Gala Apple Jack)

Ayacon Cosplay To-Do / To-Get list:
♥ Buy cowgirl boots (and green paint -_-) - got high bid on a pair, woo.
Make orange pony ears purchased orange ears! woo
♥ Modify dress with green fabric, white trim, frays.
Buy cowboy hat, paint apples on.
♥ Make apple neckless.

Buy yellow flipflops
Find toy baseball bat
Wrist bandaging
Buy yellow bucket hat (rare as hell it seems - find white and dye otherwise)
Buy yellow sunglasses (how do I not already own yellow sunglasses?)
Find yellow towel
Red t-shirt
Dogtags (already got some old NmBC ones if I can't find any cheap :p)

I fully intend to thrift / eBay most of this. I only have two weeks now :>


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Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:10 am (UTC)
My hubby and I had to make a policy... because we BOTH have a bad habit of doing that.

I give him a birthday list. Anything ON that list, I cannot buy in a 20 day period before my birthday.

It's solved a LOT of trouble. Since I assume he won't buy me anything on my list I tend to go buy it myself. We've had that policy since we got married (almost 6 years ago, God!) and it's been a HUGE HUGE HUGE help. And he's started actually getting things I want! :D
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 5th, 2011 10:36 am (UTC)
Oh, I just noticed that I'd been so busy at Expo in May that I hadn't bitten them and they had a tiny fraction of growth on 'em, so I decided to try my hardest to keep it that way. I put loads of nail hardener on them and the worst part was I took to biting my cuticles instead ¬_¬ once they got longer I tried to stop that too. They're really weak still, but I smother LAYERS of hardener on!
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 4th, 2011 04:26 am (UTC)
You can carve the ears out of foam and attach them to a headband. I know a girl who carved hers out of a pool noodle (http://www.amazon.com/Original-Noodle-Pool-Swimming-Aid-1/dp/B003L29F8M) and I carved mine out of a block of white foam and covered them in the right colored felt.


There's also Yaya:

Aug. 5th, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
Yeah I tried Yaya but she didn't get back to me, and I've left it too short notice now anyways :( I found a girl who was part of this meet and made all the ears there and she's going to Aya so she's gonna supply me with some AJ ears. I don't trust myself to make my own pair without them looking horribly ghetto.

fyi it was your cosplay that made me decide to do a pony one for the con :)
Aug. 6th, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)
I contacted Yaya three weeks before I needed them before she had them listed (her name was plugged in the Cosplay.com account of the Rainbow Dash). She didn't get back to me in time as well.

That's SO COOL! Two or three people have said that to me, and I feel so proud when I hear it. <3 I'm gonna do a Pinkie one next year because my life is lacking a pink poofy party dress. And because I'm more Pinkie anyways. XD
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