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Spontaneous musical trips for the win.

Once a week we try and have a family day out somewhere, which usually involves dad driving us somewhere and then dropping us off shopping while he plays golf, haha. We usually have a nice meal on the way home together and it's become a bit of a fun routine.

Last week I figured Wednesday would be that day, but instead of our usual, they surprised me with a spontaneous trip to see Legally Blonde the Musical at the Bristol Hippodrome! My parents are so cool. I love the film in a cheesy chick flick kind of way, so I was really interested to see how they'd translate it over to a musical without it being too out there. I think it worked pretty well. The second half was way better than the first, focusing on the trial and offering some really catchy songs and funny moments. The first half was okay, but very young and silly and a lot of stuff that I think would fly over the average Brit's head (like the clever 'Greek Chorus' or anything dealing with sorority lifestyle.

My favourite numbers were Blood in the Water, There! Right There!, Ireland, Chip on My Shoulder and the Harvard Variations. I love fast musical theatre songs like There! Right There! and Harvard Variations so much. I really need to find more like it.

Today we're off to Poole, I think. Still hunting for cosplay and cosplay accessories.

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