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Costume Play

I'm currently in the middle of painting some cowboy boots I snatched off of eBay for £2, because, oddly enough, it's hard finding cowboy boots in apple green. Today was my last day to buy supplies for Ayacon; I'll be leaving for London on Wednesday and then up to Warwick Thursday afternoon with a Mr. Moose in tow.

I am so excited about Ayacon! I enjoyed it so much more than its sister convention, Amecon, because it has a really good video game track running alongside all the anime. It's not that I dislike anime at all, but I've watched so little of it that the majority of the convention is completely lost on me. Instead, I go to all the generic geek panels, video game related things and veg out in the games room. Even for someone who doesn't know much anime, there's really not much time to get bored at Aya. The schedule is so awesome.

I'm not remotely crafty at all, so I feel a bit lame in buying a fancy dress costume for my main cosplay (I'm sure that's frowned on by cosplay aficionados or something), but I am altering it a fair bit and adding some cute touches. I also found some adorable apple earrings in Primark today and I was like 'I'm 'avin' sommadat'.

In related news, today was very much a hat day.

I had to buy a hat to paint apples onto for Apple Jack cosplay (I'm going to change the sheriff's star to an apple :p) I also had to buy Moose a fez because he wants to go as a Saharan Spy, and then mum bought me an adorable beanie from Tesco that has ears on it and I love winter clothes almost as much as I love summer ones, so yay!

ALSO in Tesco we finally found the new My Little Ponies! About bloody time, I say.


Aug. 15th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
I know nada about MLPs, but I'm still dying to see your costume! XD

Are you doing anything costume-wise for Expo? I think my plan has now ended up as such: yellow cat (Demeter) on Friday, Snape on Saturday, red tomboy kitten (Electra) on Sunday. Electra might be swapped for Plato (my white and brown cat), if Electra doesn't fit me. Both Demeter and Electra are not mine, I'll just be borrowing them for the day, and Electra's unitard is an authentic piece from London that Dani JUST bought, so we don't yet know how stretchy it is, and, well, I'm both taller and much wider than the actress it belonged to, so if it's not as stretchy as some of the others (Dani has a couple of her authentic unitards already, and Ellie has one too, and they all vary in how well they stretch), I might not fit into it. BUT YES. I shall be a cat two of the days and Snape smack in the middle :)
Aug. 16th, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
I'm gonna recycle Aya's costumes :> I'm too busy at Expo to really get to show off a costume, and need something easy to squeeze in between those tables with :P I can't WAIT to see you (and your costumes) again though! Especially Snape, how exciting! You'll be such a hit this year with that I bet.