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So back at the end of August, Moose and I camped over at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, an event that's been an annual part of my life since I was ten years old. We stayed over Tuesday to Wednesday and despite my usual trepidation regarding the tent (tiny, pop-up and pink), it was, as always, a really fun time. This year they spruced things up a bit by featuring monster trucks and stunt bike shows, though as usual it was the lure of the cider tents, hog roasts and live music that drew me, yet again, to the world of steam.

On the Wednesday, we were joined by Luke and Sarah, and ended up wearing Silly Hats.

(as you do.)


Sep. 9th, 2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
I want your hat. Not the one you're wearing, the one I'm wearing, which is yours. As you know.