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Friendship is Magic

On Sunday, I headed up to London to spend a couple of nights with my friends and fellow PonyCon committee members, Laura and Archer. The intent was to get down to Brighton for some promotion, and we had leaflets and posters printed out for the occasion. Unfortunately, I had some personal matters very much troubling me, and while it all proved a really fun, silly distraction, I can't help but feel I was halfway somewhere else the entire time.

Still, in three days we crammed in a trip to Brighton, Brighton's Sealife Center, the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum (by way of a torrential rain shower), Camden, China Town, The Trocadero (which is closing down, and that utterly saddens me), a visit to King's Cross for Platform 9 3/4 and a madcap adventure around Oxford Street, and hunt for the BT Tower and the BBC Building.

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