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Sep. 30th, 2011


Well, nearly. October tomorrow. I think I somehow slept through September, because one minute it was here and then bam! we're approaching the best month of the year.

I love October. I'm a little bitter about loving it each year I spend it stuck in England, because October to me is Halloween and Halloween is magical and macabre and silly and everything I love thrown into one big excuse for fun. We don't really get Halloween in England. I mean, we get it. It exists. The stores are currently full of decorations and costumes for the occasion, but each time I see them I only become more and more bitter than here I am, in England, where the concept of celebrating Halloween is limited entirely to tiny children or slutty nightclub attire.

It's such a shame.

I wish we had haunted houses here, horror mazes, that sort of jive. I wish we had film events featuring midnight showings of silly or scary movies, zombie walks, or proper themed parties that were more than 'wear some devil horns to a nightclub'. I've tried to celebrate in the biggest cities in England. Even London had little on in the way of adult, fun events. Sure, there's the London Dungeon and such, who put on a bit of extra flair for the season, and finally the themeparks are starting to catch on with Horror Nights, but I'm just disappointed there's nothing more.

I don't know what I'll do this year. MCM Expo ends on Sunday the 30th and that means everyone heading home on Halloween day, and they'll each be going their separate ways. I'm kind of hoping something fun will happen on that Saturday in London. Saturday, in London, for Halloween. I'm looking at this list of stuff happening that weekend in London, because there's gotta be something here we'd all enjoy doing, though I wish there were more entries there that didn't have 'erotica' in their description. I thought Halloween was about wearing silly costumes and scaring people.

I suppose a lot of erotica does that, too.