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Okay, let's update this thing.

The past few weeks have been a pretty uneventful blur of convention preparation (PonyCon and Expo are right around the corner), visiting Moose down in Plymouth and playing video games.


Last weekend was my second visit to Plymouth since Moose moved down there for university. I'm really enjoying spending time with him there, because the time spent together is ours and doesn't have to be shared with anyone. Plymouth's a gorgeous city too, and on Tuesday while Moose had lectures I spent the time just exploring. It's weird to me that this new place is going to be his home for so long, but he's taking everything into his stride, I suppose, and told me that he felt at home the moment he got there. To him, places don't capture much sentiment, which isn't something I particularly agree with at all, because some places are so very special to me, for the memories created in them. I'm really looking forward to building a whole heap of memories of the two of us in Plymouth. I love him so much. I keep annoying him by taking photos all the time, but it's only because I like capturing the moment. One day I'll look in my photo folders and smile and think we were there. We did this.

Last weekend we caught The Lion King in 3D which I was just so excited about! The Lion King is one of my absolute top movies, and easily my top Disney movie. I only remember seeing it the once in the cinema when I was a kid, but it became a big part of my life growing up. I know the back story, the inside story, the lines by heart. Moose, by contrast, for being so much younger, had only a vague recollection of the film; he knew he'd seen it before, but couldn't really remember any details. It made the whole thing more enjoyable for me by far, because while I knew exactly, line for line, what was coming, I could hear Moose chuckling or sighing beside me. "Oh dear," he groaned as Scar told Simba of the Elephant's Graveyard. It was extremely hard for me to not lean in every two seconds and comment on some factoid I knew about each scene. I just wanted to fill him in on everything. Disney is serious business.

I cried. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would, but those opening notes get me, every time. I was worried the 3D would be distracting or somehow tacky, but it worked so incredibly well, given everything. They weren't just cut out characters, they actually did have depth and feeling to them. I really hope they bring Aladdin to the cinema, because revisiting these films on the big screen is absolutely magical. I wholly recommend it, if you get the chance.

Still kind of hate Timon and Pumbaa, though.