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It's always such a pleasure.

And another MCM Expo is over, bringing to an end my (planned*) conventions for the year. The whole weekend was a complete emotional rollercoaster of a ride, and frankly the whole thing just felt forced and a unhappy because of it, but the Expo side of things was, as always, fantastic, so I'm trying to focus on those, at least.

My table was at the far end of the artists' alley and I was worried I'd get no traffic because of it, but fortunately I think I'm getting to the point now where people actively seek out my art. I recognised a lot of faces from May, and a lot of people recognised me. I was extremely paranoid that I'd take less than I did in May, but thankfully that wasn't the case and I've got to start working pretty soon on next May's table if I'm to match this year.

My table. I wasn't told we had to bring our own coverings, so I had to opt for rustic charm. I need to think of a better way to display art because I've got too much for one table, and the ghetto clothes horse wasn't the most optimum solution. I really need to try and be more organised, too, because every convention is a nightmare to stay up together with. Next year I'm thinking of attending the other Expos around the country, so I can't be quite so half-assed about everything. Maybe.

Aside from the table and emotional drama, Expo was as always a fun place to meet Fellow Fans Of Things I Like. I met so many TF2 players and Friendship is Magic fans (and was 'Bro-hoofed' so many times!). I think that's what I like most of all about having fanart on a table, you get to meet folk who obviously have something in common with you. Somehow, I didn't lose my voice until Sunday, which makes a real change for me.

On Saturday I dressed as the Scout from the Steam Summer Sale (so, the Scout with flipflops and a summer hat, heh) and on Sunday I went in my Gala Apple Jack costume. I was really looking forward to the Brony meet on Sunday because they're usually so much fun and because people really appreciate the costumes. Turns out, I was even more appreciated, because I was the only Apple Jack to show up that day! There had been several milling about on Saturday. When I approached the meet (I was a little late), everyone turned around and shouted 'APPLE JACK!!' and started snapping photos of me, haha. I felt like an absolute movie star or something. They had wanted to do a lineup pic but obviously had been missing AJ until I turned up. My friend Luke snapped a great photo of me posing for all the Bronies. It was so awesome. Cosplay really does make a girl feel like a celebrity.

Haha, that Guylight at the front. Bronies are so weird.

The rest of Expo went by pretty regularly. Saturday night we'd booked tickets to go see the London Bridge Experience & Tombs, because they were holding an evening Halloween event and I just wanted to do something Halloween related. To be honest, it didn't last as long as I would have liked, nor was it quite as scary as some of the awesome American haunted houses I've visited, but frankly I was just happy to have something spooky to do for Halloween, and the atmosphere was perfect for the occasion.

Dem Valve shirts.

It's been lovely doing nothing today, frankly. I've slowly written this post and done little else aside from unpack, watch television and read this guy's blog. I expect I'll open commissions later this week, strike while the iron's hot, and all that.

* I'm kinda-sorta considering London Gaming Con, but I've heard it may be poorly organised, so I'm not too sure about that one yet.
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