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Christmas is starting~


Christmas is starting to hit me in a big way. Last night Mum, Luke, Sarah and I went to see the lights being switched on in Bath - John Cleese was doing the honours. He's a local boy (born in Weston Super-Mare, now lives in Bath) and was on top form for the evening, talking about his favourite things about Bath and putting on a West Country accent for the occasion. There wasn't much happening aside from the switch-on - Bath's Christmas Market is lovely but never opens until late November - and closes again early December. For some reason they never have it open in time for the lights being switched on, which I find so silly. Oh well. Gives us an excuse to go back later and check it out. We never actually buy anything there, but the atmosphere and the pretty makes up for it.

The other day we went up to London so Dad could attend a golf exhibition (he's starting up a golf tour business next year) and Mum and I milled about in Camden, ending the day in Harrods gawping at all the silly expensive things. We made a game of trying to find the most expensive bottle of alcohol, which resulted in a bottle of whiskey, I think, for £17000. Ridiculous! Even if I was a multi-millionaire I wouldn't spend that sort of money.

I'm doing pretty well in terms of gifts this year. I'm waiting on a note back from someone regarding Moose's gift and it's making me a bit nervous because his is one I have to order. The difficult people to buy for remain Mum and Dad, as always. It's hard when you're buying for people who earn more than you ever will - presumably if they actually wanted said item, they'd have purchased it themselves? Ugh.

Still, it's hard to fight back the Christmas buzz. I adore the season so much, everything about it. This year we're organising a little Christmas party/meal at Sarah's place on the Thursday right before Christmas, with food, games, films and music. It makes up for last year where we didn't see each other because the snow came and wrecked the country for weeks. I'm super excited for it, we've not had one in a while.


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