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I don't normally post things like this, but I found it funny that a (rather in depth) personality quiz gave me pretty much the same results as I'd figured I'd have had back in an earlier post. I'd say it was pretty accurate, really. I've bolded the bits that seem very relevant. Sadly not all of them are entirely flattering!

You have a knack for drama and over exaggerating things, as well as doing whatever you can to keep from getting your hooves dirty. But, putting that aside, you're also very self-conscious about yourself, are generally very polite (unless someone deserves a little of your attitude), and have impeccable manners and sense of style.

Just because you delight in being the center of everyone's attention doesn't mean you give no attention in turn. You're incredibly generous, showering your friends with gifts, spending time with them and doing fun things like shopping and makeovers, and doing everything in your power to help elevate your friends' self-worth. Even though a friend may be more popular than you, you are still willing to help them out with their success, hoping that you'll get your piece of the pie in turn. (heh)

You have a tendency to be overly obsessive over small details, sometimes worrying too much about them rather than looking at the whole picture. Your attention to detail does come in handy at times, though. You also loooooove fashion, style, and looking as good as any pony can be!* Whatever it takes to look as classy and elegant as possible — that's your motto, because you care how other ponies see you, and want to make sure that your impression is the one that stands out the most.

*sadly, attempting to look as good as I can often falls flat, but the effort's there every time I leave the house, at least. And while I do care how people see me and what they think of me,  I can't say I've ever felt the need to pander to their impressions. I'm me, and folks gotta learn to deal, after all.

In unrelated news, I actually started my Christmas shopping today, and finally saw the Coca-Cola Commercial, so as far as I am concerned, it is now the season to be jolly, dammit.

and out comes the Walken icon <3