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Bath in December :)

Yesterday was a wonderful day spent in Bath with some of my nearest and dearest. It was really nice doing what we always used to do, which is basically 'walk around Bath chatting and hanging out'. Because we all live apart now, we don't get much chance to just plain hang out anymore, so it's always nice when we get the chance. We milled about, grabbed a burger to eat in the Hobgoblin, and then spent some time battling the crowds in the Christmas Market. The Bath Christmas Market is an odd one, because it closes so early in the month (I think it finishes this week) but it's lovely for atmosphere, even if the food and festive tack is outrageously expensive.

This year we did something we've never done before, which is crazy when you think we've all been based around Bath for nearly a decade. They were offering tours to the top of Bath Abbey so you can overlook the market and see the city, so we all jumped at the chance for that. Well, apart from Sarah. I don't really know why, but she decided to head on home pretty early (I'm surprised she missed out on the Abbey thing since she's as sentimental about Bath as I am), so we walked her to the car. It was pretty awkward, because she just sat there for ages like... facing away from us, and hadn't even said bye. We didn't really get what that was about - Ben went around to make sure she was alright and to say bye and didn't get so much as a grunt in reply, so okay then. Guess she wasn't feeling the festive spirit.

Well, we had to head back to the Abbey in time for our tour anyway, so we left and it was just lovely once we got there. We did a toast to good times and good friends, and it just felt so nice to be there, on top of the city we all love so much, where we all met and continue to spend so much time. Here's to many more moments like that.

The rest of the evening was spent in the Saracens Head, discussing life, the universe, and everything. The usual, then.