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A Very (Epic) Christmas Update!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me, so I haven't really had time to even put the photos onto Facebook, let alone share my experiences here. As it's now Boxing Day over here, and Christmas is sadly over already, I figure it's a good enough time to finally catch up!

On December 10th the Christmas Coke Truck came to Bristol! There's a tradition in my family (which, judging by Facebook, seems to be shared by  any others) that it's not officially Christmas until you see 'The Coke Ad'. As such, when I heard that there were Christmas Coke trucks on tour around the UK, I had to jump on it! They'd set it up next to the Hippodrome in Bristol, under a huge Christmas tree, and were offering free cans of Coke and playing cheesy Christmas songs the whole time. It was lovely, and a perfect excuse to do some shopping.


Then on the 19th I went up to London to spend some time with Moose, Laura and Luke. Well, the original plan was to spend some time with Moose, but he picked up a ton of extra hours at work for the season and didn't really get a chance to hang out in the end. Still, Monday was spent visiting Luke's place and watching the latest My Little Pony episode, before mooching back into the centre and meeting up with my friend Wrath for drinks, and Tuesday was largely spent at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. Laura and I went to what's left of the Trocadero. (There used to be a huge arcade there and lots of fun shops and things. Now there are a couple of shops left and that's about it. Really sad.) Here, Laura coaxed me to try eating at Yo! Sushi, a place I've avoided because I really can't stand sushi (and yes, I even tried it once). Omg, though, it was yummy as hell! I had Pumpkin Korroke, Chicken Katsu Curry and Chicken Gyoza.. I knew you could get non-fish sushi but I didn't realise how many options you could have in a place like that. I loved it so much, in fact, that we went back the next day when meeting up with Moose for lunch!


On Wednesday Laura had a special plan for me as a Christmas gift, but refused to tell me what it was until we got there - 'there' being right outside the BBC Studios in White City! She'd booked a tour for us, and it was awesome ! I posed next to the Quattro from Ashes to Ashes, an actual TARDIS, saw the studio they filmed Top of the Pops in and snooped in on the news room. So very awesome!


On Thursday, I had three hours at work (boo) before heading off to Sarah's place for a mini Christmas party we were having! Moose was meant to be with me but had to stay in London until five, and ended up catching a train so late that we didn't eat dinner until like ten pm. We exchanged gifts, played a few games and the next day watched Gremlins and Tangled. Turns out, by the way, that I still play a mean Captain Falcon in Smash Bros ;)


</a></a>And then Christmas day was of course perfect, as usual. I got a tablet PC to travel with and so much more. I personally loved the Doctor Who special - the tree plot was weak and blah but I loved the whole husband subplot, which was so cheesy and perfect for a Christmas special. We ate, watched a lot of television and drank - pretty much the same as any Christmas, really. :)

And since everyone's doing it... my stash:

The Acer Iconia Windows 7 Tablet and case :3
£200 from dad
A locket necklace from Moose <3
A new handbag
Saints Row 3 for Xbox from DC and Luke
Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics
Three gorgeous dresses
A lovely new coat
Three beautiful sets of nail polish
An eyeshadow set
A Simpsons calendar
Daisy (Marc Jacobs) perfume
Two necklaces from dad
A locket necklace from Moose <3
Giant styling Fluttershy
Scootaloo with a remote controlled car
Giant bath set
Bodyshop Lemon / Citrus set
Bodyshop Ginger set
The King's Speech on DVD
Doctor Zhivago on DVD
A giant book on retro Route 66 posters and postcards
New Mascara
A little blue fox plushie from Sarah
A MLP Tshirt from Welovefine from Sarah
A new roadmap
Doctor Who gift set (last year's Christmas Special and a Dalek handbook)
A new scarf
A pair of gloves
Little notebook
Some hairdye
Nail file set
Two pairs of tights
A Doctor Who poster from my friend Freak

Okay, I'm off to play Skyrim or something. Hahah Eastenders was epic this year. I love Christmas telly~


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Dec. 31st, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
Haha, I like how you mention the locket from Moose twice. Extra speshul? :P
Dec. 31st, 2011 03:13 am (UTC)
hurp durp <3

how areee you? We never chat anymore, man. Thank god for facebooktumblrlivejournaltwitter <3
Dec. 31st, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
Hee <3

I know, right? I haven't been on steam in forever, because I was ill for two weeks, and then busy with a massive project for school, and now I'm in Norway visiting dad! I do hope I'll catch you again come January, I miss you!

I've got yet ANOTHER cold right now, which is super annoying, but otherwise things are great. Dad is spoiling me rotten, he gave me a shiny new Wacom Intuos 4 for Christmas. I can finally get back into digital art! :D

How are yoooou? <3
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