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I need to catch up on this blog...

So much has happened since my last post, so I'm going to do my very best to compress it a little into one entry!

Back in January my friend Laura turned 21, so her mother treated us to a week at Center Parcs! It was fantastic, our apartment was gorgeous, the setting was wonderful and most of all, the spa was just out of this world. We did various activities like horse riding and bowling, but I think we both loved the Aqua Sana spa more than anything, and I'll definitely be going back for a shorter spa-centric break. Here's my photoset from it all, anyways.

In January, Moose and I celebrated our second anniversary (though not together, as I was still in Center Parcs, heh). It's gone so fast, it's insane. The first time he came to Bath to visit me is still so fresh in my mind, I still get butterflies thinking about the first time he told me he loves me, hell, I still get butterflies waiting for him at the train station when we see each other. I used to be so nervous traveling to see him up in London. Even though he lives down in Plymouth now for university, my summers are associated with South Bank and giant purple cows and Chinatown and him. Here's to many more years together. I don't want to lose him anytime soon.

Dad randomly got tickets for us to go and see 'Save The Last Dance For Me' in Bristol on the 8th of February. It was a rock n' roll musical made by the same guys as 'Dreamboats and Petticoats', which we all enjoyed a heck of a lot a year or so ago. It was pretty good - the second half was way stronger than the first, but it's unfair comparing the two musicals because they're both very different beasts. I enjoyed 'Dreamboats and Petticoats' more, but we were all very happy to have seen 'Save The Last Dance For Me', it was an awesome day out.

Last Friday I went down to Plymouth, along with Moose's parents, to help him out with some university problems he's been having. I'd been planning on going down Sunday anyway, in time for Valentines, but everything was a bit stressful and, sadly for me, Valentines took a bit of a backseat. There wasn't much anyone could do over the weekend, with Moose stuck in limbo until Monday, but we all had a pretty nice time and it was nice actually bonding a little bit with his parents, even if circumstances weren't the best. I hate that it all had to come to a head when it did, because I hadn't seen Moose since January 1st and I'd been looking forwards to a proper Valentines evening (flowers, a nice meal, the whole shebang) for months. Still, we had a lovely meal at Chiquitos and he and I followed it up with bowling. I've finally found a game I can compete with him in! He won a game, and I won a game, though since my victory came at the expense of all my finger nails, I think I can claim a moral victory all around. I treated him to a pre-order for 'Mass Effect 3' and a voucher to cover it when it's released, since I know he'd really want to play it the moment it's out. He bought me the 'Baldur's Gate' collector edition (both games, both expansions), so all in all it was a (typical for us) nerdy gift session.

Some doodles to follow...