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Ponies, an unfinished commission and yeah, Moose finally had me watch Doctor Horrible. Really, really late to the party, I know, but good god. I am filled with love and awe. ♥ Will probably draw some proper Horrible art at some point... better late than never, right? :p



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Feb. 17th, 2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
I was really behind on the HP fandom too, since I didn't read the books until the last one came out! I absolutely love being a part of the 'whole thing', exploring new ideas with people and joining discussions when everything's so fresh and new in people's minds, like now Sherlock or new episodes of Doctor Who. Now I've gotten all in a tizzy about Doctor Horrible, I've spent all day looking up websites and info and it's sad to find so much of it just neglected and out of date, now :( At least there's talk of a sequel, so I'll just wait with baited breath, haha.

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