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BEDA #1 - Sunday Confessions :)

So, in an effort to maintain any sort of credibility during BEDA (Blog Every Day in April), I'm starting as I mean to go on! That is, with a dumb questionnaire to fill out. It's late, however, and this one's nice and simple. Five secret or not-so-secret confessions.

1. I absolutely hate Easter. It's the one 'holiday' I could totally live without. Nothing of any worth happens, chocolate eggs are just overpriced, dumb shaped and generally nasty tasting (cheap) chocolate, and it begins touristy grockle season, which makes me want to hibernate in the house all Summer long. As a kid I used to do the whole Easter bunny egg hunt thing with my parents, but once I learned the Easter bunny doesn't exist doesn't visit older kids, the novelty fast wore off.

2. I can't leave the house without mascara. If I were to be trapped on a desert island, and for some reason they demanded I take only one item of makeup, it would be mascara. The world can go to hell, but as long as I have beautiful eyes, I'll rock the armageddon with dazzling peepers.

3. I call myself a 'gamer', but I've never played a single 'Zelda' game. Nor 'Metroid', 'Silent Hill', 'Resident Evil' or very much of 'Metal Gear Solid'. I said I call myself a 'gamer', I never said I was a very good one.

4. I am shamelessly in love with 'teen drama' media. Especially shows like '90210', 'Greek' and 'Freaks & Geeks'. I devour 'Sweet Valley High' books, too. I kind of hated this stuff when I was a teenager, so it stands to reason that I'm reliving it all as a grown up.

5. I only read '1984' initially because I discovered a Phoenix Wright fanfic based on it. I am entirely cultured like that. (For what it's worth, I absolutely loved everything about it and went on to read pretty much every dystopian/false utopian book I could find.)



Apr. 2nd, 2012 11:24 am (UTC)
I don't even get that! I work part time in a cafe that gets really busy during tourist season! Probably part of the reason I don't like Easter, everyone else is off having fun and I'm doing all the extra hours :(