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BEDA #8 - Easter Sunday

There was an owl at work today. His name was Merlin, and he was in the passenger seat of a regular who comes in from time to time. The guy said the nicest thing to me when I asked if Merlin was a pet, or if he flew him at raptor shows. He said; "Well, I don't show him, but I don't like the term pet either." So I suggested 'companion' and he agreed. "Yeah, he's definitely my companion. I certainly don't own him. You can't own a living creature."

It was really refreshing to hear somebody talk like that. He was extremely informed and open minded, and Merlin was a very handsome guy.

In other news, I guess today was Easter Sunday. I've already written about how unenthused I am about Easter. However, this morning I was surprised by an awesome little stack of gifts from Mum. I mean, check out that bottom tier! :)

Oh, and I also got some bunnies!



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Apr. 9th, 2012 05:26 am (UTC)
Care to share those truffles? :9

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