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BEDA #13 - unlucky for some (sorry, BEDA!)

Well, that went well for 12 whole days, and I thought I could continue BEDA while I went to Kitacon, I really did. However, we got back to the hotel so late most days that it was already technically the next day, and my lj client doesn't let me backdate easily and just effort. Which shows I've terrible dedication to blogging, and I'm sorry about that.

However, Kitacon was a fantastic convention. I didn't get to experience a whole lot of the events planned due to manning a table in the dealer's den, but there were a lot of things I wanted to go to if I could have. The primary draw for me, though, was the fact that Ellen Mclain, voice of the Administrator in TF2 and Portal's wonderful villian GlaDOS, was a guest of honour. She was a wonderful guest who genuinely took an interest in all the weirdos and nerds she encountered at the convention, though a bunch of organisational flaws ruined things for me a little (basically, the lack of any dedicated signing, meet 'n greet panels, and her Q&A overlapping the formal Ball entirely...) I don't blame her at all, but I really do hope she'll come back so I can meet her properly this time. She was exceptionally sweet, and even performed her iconic song 'Still Alive' at the karaoke. :)
Table sales were okay. Probably my worst convention yet, for sales. Everyone in the artist's line found things slow, which was reassuring I guess. I'd never sold at an anime convention before (just comic cons and MCM Expo) so I had nothing to judge it by, but I did turn a (tiny) profit, and I guess I can think of worse ways to make even a small amount of money than at a convention with a bunch of nerds talking about My Little Pony all day.


I'd love to say I'm going to carry on BEDA-ing successfully after this blip, and I'll try, I really will, but tomorrow I'm off to London to spend the night in a pub full of My Little Pony fans, watching a live screening of the 2-parter finale. My life is incredibly awesome, you guys.


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