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BEDA #14 - Watching ponies in the horse

On Saturday, I went up to London to hang out with a bunch of folks for a live screening of the Friendship is Magic 2 part finale. The whole experience was amazing! They had hired out the whole bottom floor of a pub appropriately called 'The Horse', and a big screen was playing this awesome song (which is also my ring tone at the moment) as we walked in. Everyone was either wearing a pony t-shirt, full on cosplay or carrying toys about. The bar staff really didn't know what to make of the whole thing, but they seemed pretty into it considering how downright weird it must have been to them. The main showing was at 6pm our time, and the atmosphere was electric. Seriously, experiencing something with a hundred other people who are all so into it is just the most exhilarating thing. It was like being at a movie premier. Everyone cheered for the good guys, cheered when Derpy or Luna were showed, gasped and whooped at the cliffhanger. It was amazing. I'm sticking this under the 'conventions' tag because while it wasn't one technically, it sure as heck felt like one. Yay nerd subculture.

I didn't actually take any photos of the meet because I'm awesome like that, so here's the past few weeks by way of Instagram.

http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/1.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/2.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/3.png
http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/4.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/5.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/6.png
http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/7.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/9.png http://astoundance.com/livejournal/april2012/10.png
Feeding the Geese at Kitacon // trying to cheer Moose up via picture message when he was upset and went out for a walk to cool down // blood tests which took over an hour because nobody could find my veins ;_; // feeding squirrels in Bournemouth // the London Eye // awesome Indian truck in South Bank // silly hats in Reading.