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My Life's Bucket List

adding new ones as they come to me
striking out old ones as I achieve them

Learn to surf, or at least give it a go
Get married, and have a small, wonderfully themed wedding ('Autumn' or 'Luau')
Go on a cruise down the Thames (a nice evening cruise especially, with wine and music)
Holiday on a canal boat (July, 2011)
Take a flight in Concorde* (it'll never happen now, but I've wanted to do this since I was a kid, so it stays on my bucket list.)
Publish a comic
Get featured in an anthology of comics or art
Sell art at a convention 1,2,3,4, 5
Go to all of the Disney parks:
--Disneyland Park, California
--California Adventure Park
--Magic Kingdom, Florida
--MGM/Hollywood Studios
--Animal Kingdom
--Blizzard Beach
--Typhoon Lagoon
--Disneyland Park, Paris
--Walt Disney Studios Park
--Hong Kong Disneyland
--Tokyo Disneyland
--Tokyo DisneySea
Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida
Meet Danny Elfman
Visit the Valve studios in Seattle
Own MOC (mint on card) My Little Pony 'Gypsy'
Go on a 'Wolf Walk' in Reading
Go diving (even if it's just a little shallow dive)
--Similarly, swim around a coral reef, among tropical fish
Own a dog
Swim in the Pacific Ocean (I can't believe I've not yet done this)
Swim in the Dead Sea
Visit the 'Wonders' of the World:
-Great Pyramid of Giza
--Great Wall of China
--Taj Mahal
--Eiffel Tower
--Leaning Tower of Pisa
--Grand Canyon
--Great Barrier Reef
--Mount Everest
--Victoria Falls
Go to New York and do all that crazy New York stuff
Ride in a helicopter
Ride in an air balloon
Own my own place
Have a pony room!
Go to an ice hotel
Swim with dolphins
Fly first class
Do a 'high ropes' course somewhere
Go on a banana boat ride
Bask on a tropical island
Do a Caribbean Cruise
Drink out of a coconut
Cram all of my friends into a photo booth and take some dumb photos
Do all the achievements in TF2
Get a pentakill in League of Legends
Be a bridesmaid
See the northern lights

subject to change... and grow!


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Apr. 30th, 2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
Selenaaaa, we should totally go on a holiday together to, like, Thailand or something and get SCUBA certified!

I went both diving and snorkeling in Egypt, and it was amaaaazing. I wanna get proper certified so I can go on bigger dives!

...And then we could go to Australia together and dive at the Great Barrier Reef!

Plan? :D
Apr. 30th, 2012 09:15 pm (UTC)
Well, you're my maid of honour for when I get married (if that ever happens)

I never though to write out a bucket list. I can't see any of these as being too impossible (apart from the Concorde)
May. 1st, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
I've actually done 8 of those!
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