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Bristol Comic Expo was awesome !

obligatory table shot by Sarah :)

I used to attend Bristol Comic Expo years ago, when it had taken over from the UKCAC up in London, but it changed hands a few times and I stopped going. This year I returned as a seller and had such a great time. It was awesome being at a local con where I didn't have to fork out money on the hotel or transport; we stayed with Luke and spent the evenings in Wetherspoons playing silly games and talking nerdy.

 For some reason I found this convention way more relaxed than the others. It wasn't much different to Cardiff Comic Con, yet it felt so laid back and chill. Apparently a lot of people are complaining that numbers were down and there wasn't much foot traffic, but I did okay and had a great time, so that's all I really ask for in a convention.

I even treated myself to a little something...

As well as pretty much everything on the Valve store, I've wanted this book for a while. It's hard cover and gorgeous and collects all the comics that they've had on their websites for Portal, L4D and TF2. I don't normally buy a whole lot at conventions myself so when I saw this for just £18 I had to snap it up. They had Portal cookie cutters too, but I held back. Maybe next time... :>


Next week... the big one :>


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May. 17th, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)
If you had fun, that's the main thing, who cares if it wasn't a massive con! :D

Aaaah only eight days left till Expo, holy crap. I'm finishing my bits of my costumes today!
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