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Big ol' recap update!

Okay, since Expo I haven't had a whole lot of time to stop! Today I've finally been working on and finishing two commissions I owe people, but I'm taking a break to do a bit of a recap:

Treasure Hunting...
Dad's always been a bit of a nerd himself. Mainly in an oldschool train-spotting, plane-spotting kind of way, but he's the guy who introduced me to fantasy and gaming through the Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone Fighting Fantasy books and by mapping out Adventure Quest games on the old Amstrad CPC. He's always loved treasure hunting, so it's not surprising at all that he's gotten into Geocaching. It's also not surprising that I've gotten into it, too. Thanks to my gorgeous new phone, it's easy to take part and track down hidden caches around the country, and I travel around so much that I'm sure to gather lots very soon. I kind of love how geeky the whole thing is. For a start, in caching lingo, anyone not geocaching while you explore is called a 'muggle'. So you'll see caches with a description saying things like "be careful not to give away the location, as this cache is in an area frequently populated by muggles." I just love it. Also, all the local caches around here were originally placed by a duo called 'Witches Cat & Time Lord'.  So, so cool.

Bumps in the Road...
On Saturday we went to the Bath & West Show, which is an annual agricultural fair that I wouldn't attend for a million years were it not for the free tickets we receive each Spring. Since we get in for free, it gives us a nice excuse to do something a little different, look at cute animals and grab some good food and cider. Dad was out playing golf, so Mum, Moose and I headed over to the Half Moon, our favourite pub restaurant for dinner.

The next day I had to go to work, but I dragged Moose along for company and in the afternoon had a visit from Sarah also. Since she stuck around until we closed, I figured we'd all go out for a drink before heading home. I had a lot of fun, but in retrospect it turned out to be a pretty annoying decision. We left the pub and as I pulled onto the mini roundabout, another car completely ignored it and drove straight into me. I was absolutely furious, my first ever accident of any sort and it completely wasn't my fault, but the fault of someone taking the road for granted. We exchanged details and they admitted liability, but later when we called to sort out some insurance details, tried to pin the blame on me, claiming I should have given way to them. Yes, I know the rules of roundabouts, but they do not apply when you are already on said roundabout. They changed their tune when we reminded them we had two (Sarah and Moose) witnesses that not only saw what happened but heard them admit liability.

My car's fine, certainly in a better shape than theirs, which will now need proper bodywork. Mine only received scratches, a slightly bumped, er, bumper, and the fog light slightly ajar. I spent the rest of the night furious that my only ever accident in nearly 8 years was caused by somebody else. Seriously, I have not so much as scratched one of my cars in all my years driving. When they started contesting it and claiming that I was to fault, I was just so angry and upset. I don't want a black mark on my driving.

Anyway, the off shot now is that they've admitted full liability, and tomorrow someone's coming to take my car away to be fixed. And, if it'll be gone for more than a day, I get myself a car 'no older than 18 months' as a replacement. Woo!

The reason Moose spent the weekend with me, aside from my irresistible company of course, is because I offered to drive us both down to his old house in Plymouth to move out his stuff. He's been living and working back in London for the past few months and wont be back in Plymouth until September, so I'm storing his junk for a while. Despite the typically English (and thus, rainy) weather, I demanded we make Summer playlists, stack up on snacks and goodies and hit the road. I mean, it only took us an hour and a half or so to get to Plymouth, so it wasn't much of a road trip, but I enjoyed it.

While there we ate Japanese food, played Magic: The Gathering (my new favourite thing) and watched a bit of the Jubilee concert on the big screen. I'm not a fan of the monarchy at all, but the concert was pretty good, and they were giving out free flags you guys. I couldn't refuse. Besides, I'm a sucker for making corny memories, and I love that Moose and I spent such a memorable occasion together. Plus, guys. Free flags.

Did I mention Magic: The Gathering yet? That it's my new favourite thing? I did? Oh well, I'm going to talk about it some more.

Basically, every nerd plays Magic, right? Nobody in my social circle did, so I've never been exposed to it. Moose got bored years ago, but recently he discovered this awesome program called LackeyCCG that lets you play pretty much every card game you can think of, for free, online. I decided to give it a go and quite enjoyed it, so when he visited this weekend he presented me with my very own starter deck! We played a couple of games and I was hooked, so much so that I went out and bought another.
And some boosters.
And a deck box.

Oh dear.



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Jun. 7th, 2012 08:33 am (UTC)
You move from Plymouth when you get into Magic? ;A; but there are clubs EVERYWHERE here. I need to get back into Magic; my friends are obbsessed with it, but I haven't played properly in years.

We should meet up sometime if you're in Plymouth again! William's going to be moving out there for Uni anyway, so I'll be out there a lot.
Jun. 13th, 2012 01:08 pm (UTC)
A Pony version of Magic now exists, done by a fan. It's called Friendship is Magic: The Gathering. I've not had a chance to try it as I don't know anyone who plays it. You can find it at http://kitonin.deviantart.com/gallery/30807826
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