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Vlogging! ~

I'm vlogging today! Well, at some point. Right now I'm drinking tea from a giant Lilo & Stitch mug, nursing a headache and checking my online haunts.

I've wanted to get into vlogging forever. The Youtube community is a pretty great one, the Nerdfighter movement is just awesome, and it's another fun way to vent and express yourself online. It's pretty scary, though. While I'm content to ramble here and on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook, Youtube feels more real, more intimate, and more personal.

However, there's strength in numbers, so I'm teaming up with the fabulous Moony, Sarah and Laura to create a whole channel devoted to our silly vlogs. Sarah uploads on Wednesdays, Moony's bagsied Friday and Laura has the Saturday slot. I'm uploading a video today, making me Monday. Once I get up and dressed and motivated, that is.

Anyway, our channel is called TheNerdyWerdy (as in Wibbly Wobbly Nerdy Werdy, which totally made sense at the time), so please check us out! No doubt I'll be spamming links here all the time, because I'm really excited about this project. We're gonna be discussing all sorts of things, from video games to television, conventions, art, theatre and books. We're gonna have themed weeks, ask weeks and challenges, and it's gonna be fantabulous. Check us totally out.

Meanwhile, life via Instagram...


(yes, that horse totally has a mustache).


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Jun. 25th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to see your intro vlog! Wheee! :D

I'm still weirded out by that horse mustache, I've never seen a horse with a legit mustache, only the regular whiskers all horses have!
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