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Epic Birthday & Disney Invasion #1

Hello Livejournal!

Sorry, it's been a while. I've wanted to post for ages but the post I want to make is so huge that I keep putting it off and off, which is so dumb because then more stuff happens and I want to post about that as well and just dsfdfsdf. So now I'm just going to spam a ton of things.

My birthday was awesome! Because we had a trip to Paris/Disneyland planned the next day, my actual birthday was a simple day planned with my parents (and later, Moose), where we went for a drive, mooched about Frome and grabbed a few drinks before meeting Moose at the station and going to the Half Moon, our favourite local restaurant pub, for dinner. My birthday was a while ago now but I'll try and remember the sweet loot I got:

-Two dresses
-Two necklaces from dad
-The Prince Shining Armour/Princess Cadence Wedding Playset. 'Cause I'm a grown up.
-Disney PJs
-Two hair dyes (seems to be a running joke that every occasion I get hair dye :P)
-A box of scented candles
-Disney Suncream. For all that sun we had ¬_¬
-A phone cover
-A huge gorgeous suitcase with Paris on it :3
-A gorgeous photo album of 'my life' with pictures in that mum had made
-Money, both English and European :P
-1 TB hard drive, so I can actually backup my art and such :P
-A travel bag and matching handbag
-A travel journal
-Bikini & Beach Towel
-Summer hat
-Travel toiletry bag
-Paris gift box
-Floral skinny jeans
-Denim shorts
-Bottle of Fireball whiskey :3
-Portal 'longfall boot' socks, Minecraft 'diamond' necklace, a new (red) deck of MTG cards and the Civ V 'Gods & Kings' expansion from Moose.
-A cute Loki & Odin toy set & a £10 Games Workshop voucher from Sarah
-The 'Dawnguard' Skyrim expansion from Luke
-A MLP colouring book and Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyland from DC

Anyway, for my birthday (which was like three and a half weeks ago now!) my friends, Moose and I all went to Disneyland Paris! We flew out on Thursday the 5th of July, spent a day in Disneyland Paris, a day in Actual Paris, and then flew home. It was only a quick little holiday but we crammed so much in. Our flight was due to leave Bristol at 4:10 but we were stuck on the ground for an hour thanks to bad weather in Paris. Typical!
I'm actually a nervous flier. I never used to be, in fact I grew up holidaying around the world and dad even owned and flew a plane for most of my younger childhood, so flying was never something that bothered me. But, I flew out to America on September 10th 2001, and all the extra security and threats made me a little nervy. In 2005 we hit turbulence on the way back from Chicago that threw a steward into the ceiling with such force that his head bled and the scalding hot tea he'd been holding went all over him. Since then, take offs, landings and the slightest tremors of turbulence make me nervous. Thankfully, this flight was fine, and I didn't care at all about the return flight, though that might have been the several pre-flight glasses of wine I'd put inside me. It'd be nice to think I've finally got back to normal with flying. It's silly, considering how much I love to travel.

Landing at Paris and finding our hotel was easy as pie since we'd booked a taxi to take us there. I've never had someone hold my name up at an airport before. Very swish. We checked in, checked out our room and then went for a wander around the local area. Val d'Europe is an area that basically thrives off the Disney tourism, I guess. They've built a huge American style mall there, some gorgeous restaurants and everything just looks pretty and clean and new. We had dinner in a lovely Italian restaurant just inside the mall, stuffed ourselves silly, and were pretty satisfied with a perfect end to our journey. We had a bit of a wander outside to walk off all the food, saw the lights of Disney's Space Mountain in the distance, and generally said 'ahhhh, this is already good.'
haha I love how suspicious Ben looks.

The next day, we were up early and out the door by 8 to catch the first bus of the day to Disneyland! They officially open at 10 but I heard they often open the gates earlier, so we made sure we were there in plenty of time. It meant hanging out for a long time outside the gates just pawing at Disneyland Studios from afar, but we didn't mind. Since the Studios close earlier than the main Parc, we decided to go there first. There's a ride called 'Crush's Coaster' which doesn't have a fast pass system, but it's stupidly popular, and I was advised by Disney experts to rush straight for it when the gates opened. And it was insane! The moment the gates open, people were literally sprinting past us to hit Crush's Coaster first. Ben pointed out that it was like some sort of surreal zombie apocalypse, haha.
Crush's Coaster was totally worth it, though. In fact, it was probably one of my favourite rides in the whole two parks. It started off really peaceful and fun but the end was a swirling dark Space Mountain-esque rollercoaster that had us giggling like idiots all the way through. Totally awesome.

After Crush's, we went to get a fast pass ticket for the Tower of Terror, a ride I'd not yet been on in the American parks, and then went to ride the R.C Racer ride (which broke down as we got on it, yay!), grab food and drink and book our table at the Blue Lagoon restaurant later that evening. I asked the lady for a birthday pin even though it wasn't technically my birthday, and she obliged, haha. Next up was the Tower of Terror and I really wasn't sure what to make of it because I'm not a huge fan of drop rides, but of course, Disney doesn't just throw you on a boring ol' drop ride. The theming and story of the whole place was amazing, and the pre-ride stuff was just as awesome as the actual event. Probably my favourite ride of the lot. Even if this WAS my reaction:
And after Tower of Terror, we decided to venture into the Disney Village, a restaurant-retail area between the parks, to grab lunch. But I think I'll save those for another post, because this one is already epically long, haha.
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