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Christmas Haul 2012!

Christmas so far has been lovely! I've spent most of Boxing Day so far watching movies (Cars, my favourite Pixar movie, was just on) and slowly sorting out my loot. It's probably totally inappropriate to show off the gifts you received at Christmas, but I've done it every year and I was pretty spoilt this year, so!


From Moose: A huge book called 'Advertising from the Mad Men Era', full of vintage ads of the 50s and 60s, Lyra, Mass Effect 3, A (RED) metal bottle opener with the Team Fortress logo engraved onto it, and the silly amazing TF2 Diamond Ring you can gift each other in game that costs a stupid amount of money and shows the world (well, the portion of it online in game at the time) your affections, haha. He called it 'Christmas Wish'. Between that and my Christmas Ushanka from a few years ago, my TF2 is very Festively Pimped. He also gave me Vi and her neon skin in League of Legends, just because she's so cool even though I'll never play her effectively.

Luke got me the latest Blacksad book in hardback, and The Daily Zoo goes to Paris, which is the latest in a series of books by an amazing artist who started drawing an animal a day during his cancer treatment.

DC, in his quest to make me finish watching Firefly, gifted me the series on DVD and, and the DVD of Serenity too. I promised I'd sit down and dedicate a day to marathoning it :P

Sarah's gift was the most surprising - she dressed a plushie pig up in a suit, gifting me my very own Waddles. I'll use him for conventions this year when I cosplay as Mable, for sure.

Laura gave me this John Green poster, signed!

Cindy from work gave me a tin of art pencils :)

Annnd my friend Anthony sent me Castle Crashers on Steam!

From my parents, I got:

A River Island party dress (just need to ever go to a party so I can wear it!)
A day dress and another party dress
Pinkie Pie's train set & the scary walking Pinkie Pie figure, haha
The blind bag rainbow set of glittery ponies
The 2013 MLP Annual
A snood with penguins on it!
Two gorgeous Doris Day-esque hats.
A cardigan
A pretty nail polish set
A replacement handbag for the one I loved so much and broke :(
Eyeshadow set
A necklace and some perfume from Dad
Perfume from mum
A £50 Debenhams voucher from Dad
Some grey winter boots
Touchscreen gloves
A pretty makeup set & some glittery eyeliner pencils
Some earrings
A cute hot water bottle with an embroidered deer on it.
Tights, mascara and, uh, Flying Saucers (om nom)

...And my big present was a huge Samsung Smart TV :3 It used to bug me that my monitor was way larger than my television especially when I wanted to game on my Xbox, so this is ace.

The day itself was lovely and lazy and full of food and giggles (and tears!, but happy ones!) Doctor Who was pretty great, the cracker jokes were pretty bad, and I couldn't really ask for anything more. Hope everyone else out there had a lovely time!



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Dec. 27th, 2012 12:38 am (UTC)
I like the hats. I need a hat like that.

I wanted to keep that waddles.
Jan. 3rd, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
I've heard good things about Blacksad from Steve and Jared Like Comics, it's on my To Get List.
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