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G'bye 2012!

Center Parcs ♥ Snow in February ♥ Top Hat for Mum's Birthday ♥  Kitacon
Icecream at May Expo ♥ supporting Sarah's choir in Stourhead ♥ Disneyland Paris for my birthday ♥ BUCK
Great Dorset Steamfair ♥ UK PonyCon in Nottingham ♥ celebrating Hogswatch ♥ Christmas with the guy I love

2012 was an amazing year for me. I drew more, sold more than any previous year, attended a ton of conventions and events, and generally had an amazing time. Nobody close to me died, for a change, and I'm still dating the most wonderful guy in the world, so....

In January...
I celebrated my second anniversary with Moose, attended the annual Three Shires Christmas Dinner with my parents, and spent a week in Center Parcs for my friend Laura's birthday.

In February...
Was Valentines Day, of course, and Moose and I ate Mexican food before bowling in Plymouth. February also held my first convention of 2012, Cardiff Comic & Animation Expo!

In March...
We saw Top Hat in Bristol for Mum's birthday! I also got my new Sony Xperia S, which is a Big Deal because it is an Amazing Phone. 

In April...

I sold at Kitacon, a lovely anime convention that's sadly going on hiatus next year. There was also a great Pony Pub Party in London where we watched the two part finale of Friendship is Magic.

In May...
...I was busy selling art at two conventions (Bristol Comic Expo and MCM Expo!), eating dim sum in footie pajamas, bowling in Bristol and lusting over Loki.

In June...
Sarah sang in her choir at Stourhead Gardens, so we went along to support her! We also celebrated DC's birthday with his annual Birthday BBQ, and I spent the Jubilee down in Plymouth with Moose.

In July...
I went to Disneyland Paris! And got stranded in Real Paris!

In August...
I went up to London and organised a big meetup of Moose's friends to celebrate his birthday! We played laser tag and video games and drank and ate and It Was Good. Later in August, I sold art at BUCK, the UK's first Brony convention! (it was ace.)

In September...
My annual stint at the Great Dorset Steamfair, Jonathan Coulton's gig in Bristol and a Showboat dinner cruise on the Thames, courtesy of Moose's parents.

In October...

Another busy month for me! UKPonyCon and MCM Expo are both very important conventions for me! I don't sell art at PonyCon (officially), but I'm on the committee and it's a busy busy weekend for me!

In November...

Bonfire Night in our village is always a good show, we celebrated Thanksgiving as an excuse for a nerdy get-together at DC's, I attended my first ever LAN at Plymouth with Moose, and Hogswatch capped it all off!

And, finally, in December...
A whole lot of festive goodness, including a big ol' Christmas Meal with Termisoc, Moose's Computing Society at Plymouth Uni, and Wincanton's annual Winter Festival!

Cons attended: Cardiff Comic & Animation Expo, Kitacon, Bristol Comic Expo, London MCM Expo May, BUCK, PonyCon, London MCM Expo October, Plymouth Comic & Anime Expo
Cosplay: Gala Pinkie Pie (Friendship is Magic), Mabel (Gravity Falls)
Foreign travel: France
Television: Mad Men, Gravity Falls, Gossip Girl, My Little Pony, Medium, Lost
Movies: Brave, Frankenweenie, Avengers, Rise of the Guardians, Nativity 2, Woman in Black, Dark Shadows, Taken (DVD)
Games: Mass Effect, Skyrim, Torchlight, Civ V, Halo Reach, FTL, Home
Books: The Hunger Games trilogy :> I need to read more.



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