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Kaiser Chiefs @ Exeter Great Hall!

For Valentines day, I got Moose and I tickets to see The Kaiser Chiefs in Exeter! They're his favourite band, and I was just so happy they happened to be touring locally near Valentines. I handed him the tickets in a wrapped DVD case, so he took the gift assuming it was a game of some sort. His expression was priceless when he opened it up and saw the tickets! It was so worth it. I'd had the tickets booked since September last year!

Moose and I met in Exeter and we spent the afternoon mooching around the shops and finding somewhere to eat. We bumped into a regiment of Roman soldiers marching down the road, which was pretty neat, and wandered around all the little back alleys and side streets. Exeter is an amazing, arty little city and we've already made plans to go back when the weather's nicer to explore it properly.

The Kaiser Chiefs were playing at Exeter University, at the Great Hall, and since last train back to Plymouth was due before they finished, I pushed the boat out and booked us into a hotel in the city too. It was an amazing evening! We got a reasonably good spot for the show and I managed to snap some pretty great shots. Unfortunately, we were lucky enough to be next to the only drunk idiot in the entire audience, this stupid middle aged woman who couldn't handle her liquor and decided that slutty dancing and throwing her full pint of beer over everyone was exactly how to enjoy a Kaiser Chiefs concert, and we were all doing it wrong. Thankfully (for us) she pushed her way to the front and away from us, so the rest of the show was enjoyed pretty idiot-free.

The show itself was awesome though! They had so much energy and the whole place was pumping. I went in figuring I only knew their biggest hits, but honestly there were only about three songs I didn't know at all. Moose clearly loved every second of it, he was bouncing around behind me and showing off by singing every lyric to every song. It was cute, really - on our early dates we'd sit around in pubs and bars and he'd sing along to every song while we snuggled up together, and him cuddling up to me at the concert and singing in my ear was just such a random little throwback. D'aw.

Snapped some great shots, too, once Drunk Woman left.

Also, a quick thanks to everyone who commented and voted on the poll in my previous entry! I really appreciate the input - I'll be using LJ to maintain all my bloggy entries, so I'll apologise in advance if I thoroughly bore you all, haha! <3


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Feb. 25th, 2013 12:59 pm (UTC)
Looks awesome! They always struck me as a band that would be pretty cool live. We saw Ricky in War of the Worlds in December and he was really good in that :)
Feb. 25th, 2013 01:09 pm (UTC)
Oh jeeze, he was in War of the Worlds? I LOVE that show and would LOVE to see it again live - I saw it on its first run in London and it was amazing. Not sure how the new version is meant to compare, but it'd be neat to check out.
Feb. 25th, 2013 03:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he was the artilleryman :) It was really good, and compared pretty well. Most of it was pretty much the same... they added a scene that was pointless, but that was the only notable change. Well, that and it's now Liam Neeson instead of Richard Burton, and they updated all the background graphics. The only performer that was disappointing was Marti Pellow :(
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