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Casa de Center Parcs

Ugh! I'm a terrible blogger.

Directly after the Kaiser Chiefs (so, a couple of weeks ago now... like I said, I'm a terrible blogger), I met up with my friends Laura and Jess for a week of pampering and excitement at Longleat Forest's Center Parcs resort, care of Laura's mother! (She very generously paid for our accommodation as Laura's birthday present!) I could only attend for the first half of the week due to having work and a convention the following weekend, and I tried to cram a whole lot of awesome in those three days!


(I'm not in any photos because I was the one taking them! Jess has some amazing pics of me with the birdies though, so I'll upload some later!)

On Monday, we spent hours swimming in the tropical pool, talking Ponycon business in the outside hot tub and screaming down the freezing rapids, before an evening of bowling terribly (Featherball! Hobbit Fingers! You are missed!)

Tuesday was a relaxing day of watching movies (I haven't seen 'Up' in years and, yes, a second viewing still reduces me to a blubbering mess!), eating pancakes and a five hour stint in their Aqua Sana spa, a gorgeous spa with a ton of different aroma, steam or sensation rooms. We did the 'Twilight Spa' package which gave a free glass of bubbly, some antipasta and a night time spa experience. It's seriously my favourite part about Center Parcs, just pure relaxation and you leave feeling so beautifully refreshed and healthy. Shame about the pancakes prior, then.

Wednesday was a day for trying out new things! We'd booked to try Falconry in the morning, and I had an absolute blast! We got to fly a kestrel, Peregrine Falcon and a Harris Hawk, and finally got to hold a Golden Eagle cross (I forget what he was crossed with, but he was gorgeous). It was wonderful, the lady who flew them with us was very knowledgeable but also clearly loved her animals very much, it wasn't just a 'job' to her, so she just completed the experience.

We grabbed a cup of coffee (we were freezing!) and then did some crossbow archery! A completely new one on me, I've not even tried regular archery before (which I'd wager is a little more complicated than crossbow), but it was really fun to try out. We had a bunch of practice shots, then tried some scoring games, which resulted in Jess getting over 100 points (compared to myself and Laura floundering at the 50pts mark). It was a really neat experience to try out, though. We finished up by nomming some tapas and swimming in the gorgeous tropical pool again one last time before I had to bid the girls farewell and head on home for the night.

I'd love to have stayed longer (I miss the pool so much already!) but I had to prepare for Cardiff Comic & Animation Expo - which is what my next post will be about!