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Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo 2013!

Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo is a lovely convention I've attended twice now and both times have been awesome. It's organised by the same great folks as Plymouth Comic & Anime Expo and Exeter Comic Expo but it's held in a swanky hotel with a spa in Cardiff, which gives it instant brownie points from me. Selling at conventions is extremely exhausting sometimes and this is the only con I attend that also offers a great way to relax and cool down after a day of dealing at the table!

After some very annoying station shenanigans, I picked Moose, Alice and William up at a local stop and we drove up to Cardiff together. I need to do more 'road-trips' with a car full of friends, because the journey was hyper and silly and fun with a soundtrack of Fairly Odd Parents songs, Romanovsky and Phillips and Jonathan Coulton. The convention itself was lovely; it's not too large, has some great panels and features some great hosts - not that I got to see any of them! I was (thankfully) busy at the table, and when I managed to escape it was to find food. Saturday evening was spent at Red Hot World, a gorgeous 'all you can eat' buffet with lovely food and delicious cocktails. Sadly, we had to jet off directly after the con on Sunday, but I think next time I'll certainly try to blag another night there just for more spa access, haha.

Every convention, I try and debut a new print or two. This was my new piece for CICAE! It sold pretty well, so I guess plenty of people 'got' it :) I am the queen of silly crossovers.

The curse of the Time Lord. And Hyperion robots.
by *reaperfox on deviantART
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