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The Great Game Play #1 - Bioshock!


I completed Bioshock today*! I'm six years late to the party, I know, but with Infinite approaching fast, I wanted to first conquer Rapture. Now, I'm absolutely horrendous at playing single player games, not because I'm a bad gamer so much as that I'm very much a social gamer. I'd rather spend my evening in Teamspeak with friends playing League of Legends, TF2 or Borderlands than on my own in Bioshock or Mass Effect. My desire to be social will be my gaming downfall, because I'm missing out on so many genuinely amazing games. I've still never finished Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I've only played the intro to LA Noir. Mario Galaxy 2 is still in shrink wrap.

Time to change that.

Bioshock is one of those games I knew was amazing and I knew was right up my street (an FPS with a 1960s dystopian setting, 30s deco decor and killer gameplay? what's not to love?) but I just hadn't taken it off my shelf until Moose came around one day and forced the controller into my hands.

My first attempt at playing the game didn't end so well. There's something about Rapture that I didn't like. I'd pay a handsome sum of money to visit the city in its heyday, but walking about the damaged city you see in Bioshock really rubbed me the wrong way. It felt claustrophobic and oppressive to me... frankly, it felt heavy. I've played a ton of 'scary' games; Silent Hill, Penumbra, Amnesia, but something about Rapture just haunted me. When Moose left, I stopped playing, and didn't actually touch the game again until Infinite was right around the corner, and when Moose was here again to urge me on.

My second attempt was far better. With Moose hanging out next to me, I actually clocked ten hours in one sitting. It was absolutely amazing. A game is so much more immersive when the world and story is revealed through voice recordings and little snippets you piece together yourself. I'd been extremely lucky that somehow I'd avoided any Bioshock spoilers and didn't know the twist or the ending at all, really. The iconic phrase (that I won't say here, for fear of spoiling it for someone else who somehow remained ignorant for six years, haha) is now etched in my mind, and like rewatching Sixth Sense after its huge reveal, I'd love to replay the game to try and spot the references and clues along the way.

But, Bioshock Infinite is out now (my internet is so slow that it took me a good four days to download it, ugh), so I'm going to try and keep up 'single player' gaming by firing it up tonight. I'll be honest, I already really miss Rapture. I've heard Bioshock 2 isn't very good, but I might snap it up on the cheap just to return there. As much as I found it heavy and claustrophobic, it was haunting in a beautiful way.

Rapture, I'll be back someday, but for now, the skies await.

*I started typing this up last Tuesday, oops.