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The art of the dress.

I used to live in jeans and checked shirts. In my early teens, I was obsessed with cowboy novels and western paraphernalia and my idol was Doris Day's Calamity Jane. I wasn't a girlie girl, I was a tomboy, through and through. As I got older, I lost that image, but I still lived in denim or 'combat' style trousers, usually accompanying a floral top or a nerdy t-shirt.

Three years ago, all that changed. I can actually pinpoint exactly when it happened, because it happened when Moose and I started dating. I'm not sure why exactly, but I think it was mainly in part that I now had a guy I wanted to be pretty for. Sure, everyone can bleat on all they like about how looks shouldn't matter and how image isn't everything, but just as sure as I wouldn't fancy Moose if he made it very clear that his appearance low priority, I felt far more desirable for having made the effort. I always tried to look nice and smart when I left the house, of course, but all of a sudden jeans just weren't cutting it anymore. After all, I loved being a girl, I loved makeup and styling my hair and all those disgustingly clichéd things that one associates with 'being girlie', but I didn't really consider dresses and skirts. My knees hadn't seen daylight since I was a child. It was time to bring those bad boys out.

So I started wearing dresses. I loved the quirky 'pixie girls' we started seeing on television (here's lookin' at you, Zooey), and realised I could be just like them if I wanted to. The more I became sure of myself and my image, the more I became less Calamity Jane and more Doris Day.

Today, I decided to give my wardrobe a good clear out. Three black sacks worth of 'donation' clothes later and a handful of items I'm going to try to sell on eBay, I can actually close my cupboard doors. As the dresses began to pile up on the bed, I decided to actually count how many I'd accumulated in my past three years of knee exposure.


I own 72 dresses.

I don't even know what to think about that.




Apr. 10th, 2013 08:41 am (UTC)
I've recently began to understand the appeal of dresses. This is from a girl who owned one dress that she wore perhaps once a year. Now that I've found the joy of leggings instead of tights I now own 5 dresses (that's still including that old one, hehe).

Who knows, maybe if I can find enough dresses that don't make me look ridiculous I'll have 72 one day. No, that's still a LOT. Maybe just 20 or so.

- Sarah, Kristine's friend, from facebook