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Today we went to Bristol in honour of Luke's birthday, and did some bowling at an awesome joint called 'The Lanes'. It's a really nice, and really tiny (five lanes, I think) bowling alley in the heart of Bristol, with a bar and live music and a really nice artsy vibe to it. As you can see, we hit Build-A-Bear just before we were due to go bowling, and Sarah bought herself a Pinkie Pie for her troubles. I'm holding off until I get down to Plymouth later this month before I splash out on another one though, haha.

We managed to squeeze in three 'real' games and one 'speedbowl' game in the last fifteen minutes and I'm proud to say I won two of the real games! (Sarah won the other, and DC was our speedbowl victor.) It's just as well, really, since I destroyed two nails in the process. At least I have a victory to account for!

The rest of the day was spent eating Chinese food, discussing Doctor Who theories and playing Magic: The Gathering in the local Wetherspoons. The usual, then.