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Love in London

Today I had a wonderful time in London visiting Moose. He's back there over Easter for work and I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend some time in London again. When we first dated, I spent every other week up in London visiting. The place went from a city I explored only once or twice a year, to somewhere on my weekly routine. I've a lot of very happy memories of us just wasting time together, exploring the tourist traps and finding comfortable pubs to enjoy each other's company in.

Now he lives down in Plymouth most of the year, our relationship has progressed to one where I'll visit for a few days and live with him, which is wonderful, of course, but there's something very fun about taking a day out for a 'date'. I don't think I'll ever get bored of leaving the train and heading towards the barriers, seeing him waiting there for me. Three years on and I still get excited when I see him. That's a good sign.

We didn't do much. We went for a wonder about Westminster on the look out for a pub we both rather like, but never quite made it. I'd heard they were filming Doctor Who in Trafalgar Square, but by the time we got there they were just packing away the TARDIS. We headed up to Leicester Square, where I found a wonderful art shop selling lots of lovely things I'll never use but bought anyway, and then Moose bought some goodies in a gaming store called Orc's Nest, before exploring the Forbidden Planet Megastore and breaking my heart over the TF2 Demoman toy I couldn't afford, or the Art of Bioshock: Infinite book I couldn't afford.

In the end, we grabbed a bite to eat, played a game of Magic, and headed back to Waterloo via Southbank. They're gearing up for the Udderbelly Festival, another thing I've very fond memories of sharing with Moose.

We seem to share a lot of our time together with other people, at uni socials, conventions or gaming events. It's really, really nice to just have him all to myself for a day, where we can just exist together and be silly together and embrace exactly why we fell in love with each other. Is good.

Spotted, IKEA's newest range in time-travelling devices.


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Apr. 12th, 2013 01:08 am (UTC)
That is SO sweet about you and Moose. I'm very happy for you. :)
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