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Redbubble Store!

Today was a very slow and largely unproductive day for me. I did finally update the PonyCon website, however! We're holding the convention in Cardiff this year! I'm really excited about it, because the hotel we picked out this year is one I'm pretty familiar with (Cardiff Comic Expo is held there) and it's the swankiest, nicest place with a pool and spa. The best conventions are ones that allow you to relax!

I've also submitted a new shirt to my Redbubble Store! I realise I've never actually mentioned my Redbubble store here before, so I'll go ahead and promote it now. Basically, a friend of mine has sold a ton of nerdy shirts through the site and told me to give it a go! So far I've sold about seven shirts, which isn't many but considering it didn't cost me anything to set up, I'd say it's a lovely bonus! Plus, the idea that someday I may bump into somebody wearing my design is just so exciting and unreal!

My favourite designs so far:


Come fly BabyDash Airlines! Available as a t-shirt over on my Redbubble store!

You can now buy my art ‘Nothing Like A Good Book’ in t-shirt form over at my Redbubble store! I think this is actually my favourite shirt so far!http://www.redbubble.com/people/reaperfox/works/10144072-nothing-like-a-good-book
I’ve FINALLY started putting some of my art on Redbubble! Introducing my first ever shirt design, the ultimate combination of two tricksy pranksters!
I’ve never tried selling shirt designs before, so I would really, really appreciate any reblogs and spreading the word! Thank you so, so much!
You can find the shirt in MANY colours for sale here at Redbubble! (a perfect holiday gift for any fans of small horses and alien gods!) Apple Jack Sparrow! Get it? I guess we should probably go find Rainbow Dash…
Shirt available in all colours and sizes over at my new Redbubble store!

Check these out and more over on my store! <3



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